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Throw Moves
Super Street Fighter 2 (close)/+,
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (close)/+,
Similar Moves
100 Fist Blow / 百烈拳 (Dragon)
Mashed rapid fist strikes.
Benkei Nakashi / 弁慶泣かし (Jubei Yamada)
Repeated kicks to the shins.
Big Bang Laser (Shadow Lady)
Shadow Lady fires a massive laser from her hands. Mashing can increase hits/damage.
Bite / かみつき (Zangief)
Zangief viciously and repeatedly bites at the opponent's face.
Blade Cyclone / Blade Spin (Baraka)
Spinning blade attack.
Blazing Fists (Jotaro Kujo)
Star Platinum rushes forward with punches.
Bravo! Encore! (Dampierre)
Juggling hopping kicks.
Burning Rush (Might Guy)
Soul Rush with fire punches.
Cat Spirit One! (Taokaka)
Taokaka moves her arms in a rapid scissor-like motion with claws extended.
Cat Spirit Three! (Taokaka)
Taokaka performs a big windup before performing an alternate sequence of heavy downward and upward slashes. Continuious tapping of the C button can perform this move indefinitely. The first attack has overhead property, and must be blocked high.
Cat Spirit Two! (Taokaka)
While jumping, Taokaka repeatedly slashes with her claws in downward motion. Can be repeated by tapping B button as long she is in mid-air.
Deadly Knees (Samchay)

Drill (Yamazaki)
A command throw followed by a period where the player can mash. The amount of mashing determine's Yamazaki's action and amount of damage.
Earth Rising Arm (Kakuzu)
Two hit punch combo, then Kakuzu shoves his hands into the ground, punching the opponent repeatedly from beneath.
Ear-to-Ear (Kano)
Kano spins his knives around him vertically.
Electric Thunder (Blanka)
Blanka hunkers down and emits a shock of electricity.
Final Flash (Vegeta)
Vegeta's ultimate energy blast. Tap the button to fire more shots.
Fire Style: Searing Migraine (Kakuzu)
Fire blast across the ground. Massive range.
Giant Swing (Colossus)
Colossus grabs his opponent by the feet and swings him or her around, then tosses them across the screen. Rotating the joystick or mashing a Punch button increases speed and damage.
Gotcha Grab (Jax)
Jax grabs his opponent by the throat and punches them a couple of times. Mashing makes more punches.
Grapple Blast (Spiral)
Spiral leaps onto her opponent and wails on them. Mashing/waggling increases hits.
Gusting Cyclone (Fujin)
Fujin spins around and sucks the opponent in with a whirlwind that surrounds him.
Head Bomber (Balrog)
Repeated headbutts up close.
Head Crush (Samchay)

Head Drill (M. Bison)
Bison performs a Head Press and continues spinning on top of the opponent's head.
Hundred Hand Slap / Hyakuretsu Harite, 百裂張り手 (E. Honda)
Honda batters his opponent with hands so fast they appear blurred.
Hyakurenko (Gen)
Gen performs a rapid strikes.
Hyakuretsu Kyaku / Lightning Kick, 百裂脚 (Chun-Li)
A rapid series of blurred kicks.
Hyakuretsu Tou / One Hundred Sword Destruction (Silver Samurai)
Silver Samurai rapidly slashes with his katana.
Infinity Leg (Shadow Lady)
A rapid series of blurred kicks.
Iron Claw (Zangief)
Zangief grips the opponent's face and crushes it with a level of vigor determined by your mashing.
Jaw Slugger (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Repeated jaw-butts.
Judgment (Cell)
An upgraded version of Hell Needle, Cell fires off more beams from his fingers. Mashing the attack button can yield extra damage.
Knee Gatling (Charlie Nash)

Kumo Koroshi / 熊殺し (Jubei Yamada)
Jubei chokes the opponent with his tiny body.
Kyou Geki Ho / 旧撃放, Original Shock Blow (Tung Fu Rue)
Tung crouches and expels his pumped spirit as if he was charging up for his non-EX desperation, but doesn't go anywhere.
Lightning Bolts (Cole MacGrath)
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or mashing), he gains a large amount of Super Meter and the opponent is launched slightly upward.
Lightning Style: False Darkness (Kakuzu)
Lighting blasts across the screen.
Lightspeed Strikes (Jada)
Rapid punches.
Machine Gun Upper (Dee Jay)

Mega Strangle (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Victor grips his opponent about the midsection.
Midair Roundhouse Kick (Kakuzu)
Kakuzu strikes in all directions with his sinews.
Million Flicker (J. Talbain)
Talbain whips out nunchaku and goes berserk.
Multi-Slam (Jax)
Mashing increases the number of Body Slams.
Neck Hanging Tree (T. Hawk)

Needle Shower (Jean Pierre)
Rapid hand strikes, you can move very slowly while attacking.
Pinion Dash (Painwheel)
Painwheel dashes along the ground, with blades rotating vertically.
Power Pole Tornado (Chi-Chi)
Chi-Chi twirls the staff above her head like a helicopter.
Rapid Punch (Cyclops)
Despite this attack's name, Cyclops performs all sorts of attacks while dashing at the foe, including knee strikes and finishing off with an Optic Bullet.
Ren Hadoken (Ryu)
Ryu fires off many smaller, half-screen traveling Hadoken in accordance with mashing.
Saba Ori / さば折り (E. Honda)
Mashable sumo bear hug.
Sabre Thrash / Hasso Happa, 八相発破 (Jubei Yagyu)
This two-handed heretic of the sword goes at it like a wildman.
Saotome Fire (Jin Saotome)
Jin scrubs his back with such intense vigor that he bursts into flame.
Sekkajin / Snow Flower Storm (Jin Kisaragi)
Jin rapidly slashes in several directions.
Sekkan Kyaku / 折檻蹴り (E. Honda)
Repeated knee strikes to the face.
Shadow Break (Shadow)
Shadow launches many Sonic Booms. Mashing increases how many are thrown.
Shin Hadoken (Ryu)
A slightly angled beam that bounces off of walls.
Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu)
A Tatsumaki Senpukyaku with massive reach, accompanied by extreme tornado and lightning effects.
Slap (Janne)
Repeated slaps across the face.
Snake Tongue Sucks In (Orochimaru)
Orochimaru wraps his elongated tongue around the foe and constricts them. If the Attack Button is rapidly tapped, more damage is done to the foe, and Orochimaru gains a bit of health back.
Soul Rush (Might Guy)
Standard combo until the 4th hit, in which it becomes a mashable rapid punch. Maxes out at 34 hits, in which the final blow launches, but can be canceled to extend combo length.
Spinning Axe (Black Ranger)
Spins in a circle with his axe.
Stomach Claw (Zangief)
Getting a grip on the sensitive stomach region, Zangief repeatedly squeezes.
Thunder Dragon (Evil Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Thunder Dragon (Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Tornado Claw (Wolverine)
Wolverine leaps into the air with a vertical spinning claw strike. Extra hits can be tacked on by mashing Punch.
Tsukami Nage / つかみ膝蹴り (Ken Masters)
Repeated knee strikes.
Venom Crush (Venom)
Venom melds his face and hands into a giant mouth and bites at the foe. Bashing increases the number of bites.
Venom Storm (Venom)
Quick strikes with toothy tentacles; mashing increases hits.
Vulcan Hook (Zazie)
Rapid punches.
Vulcan Punch (Clark Steel)
Rapid punches at an upward angle.
Web Throw (Venom)
Venom grabs his foe with a strand of weebing and slams them back and forth. Mashing and waggling increases the number of slams.
Wild Fang (Blanka)
Vicious repeated bites to the head.
Wind Style: Pressure Damage (Kakuzu)
Kakuzu blasts air at the foe.
Yoga Smash / Yoga Noogie (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim repeatedly drives his fist into the top of his opponent's skull.

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