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A clone of Naruto appears and the two of them create a gigantic Rasengan sphere, and the two of them slam it into the foe.

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Super Moves
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 ,
Similar Moves
Bad Stone (Cody Travers)
Cody throws some rocks at the opponent. You can hold Punch to delay the move.
BANG! (The Joker)
The Joker fires a long-barreled revolver. If delayed, it can be canceled by dashing.
Carnage Scissors (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna dashes in with a sword strike and then releases dark energy from his sword.
Charge Palm (Johnny Cage)
Johnny strikes the opponent gut's gut with an open palm. If charged up by holding @term=attack2@ charges up a ki blast in his hand before striking.
D. Magnum (Heavy D!)
A single big punch, hold button to delay.
Dagger Toss (Skarlet)
Skarlet tosses two daggers. The second one can be delayed by holding @term=attack1@
Electric Current (MechaGodzilla)
Fires an electric bolt from the chest.
Force Claws (Sub-Zero (II))
Sub-Zero moves his hands in a Kamehameha-like motion, then strikes forward with a Dragon's Mouth. If delayed to full capacity, it does 9% more damage, is unblockable, and freezes.
Frolicking Bear (Kuma (II))
Kuma hops forward slightly, striking the foe with his body.
Giant Rasengan / Odama Rasengan (Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden))
A clone of Naruto appears and the two of them create a gigantic Rasengan sphere, and the two of them slam it into the foe.
Ground Spark (Nightwing)
Nightwing clashes his escrima sticks together and fires a spark along the ground.
Hermes Dash (Kratos)
Kratos performs a shoulder charge that leaves a flaming trail.
Hirensou / Dual Ice Strike/Dual Ice Sickle (Jin Kisaragi)
This move consumes 25% Heat. As Jin gets ready to draw his sword, a circular flash freezes his nearby opponent. This followed up by slash that knocks his opponent away. Holding down D delays the slash attack and becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Human Bullet (Cole MacGrath)
Cole lifts an opponent into the air with his electric powers, then hurdles them forward. The actual throw can be delayed by holding the button. Cole can score a Double/Triple Kill if the victim is flung into other players.
Lightning Kick (The Flash)
Flash takes a step and delivers a very fast kick. If delaying the move, it can be canceled by dashing.
Mace Toss (Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl flings her mace at the foe. Ground version is delayable.
Nova Blaster (Cyborg)
Cyborg blasts from his arm cannon. Ground version is delayable, air version causes recoil.
Psychic Palm (Ermac)
Ermac strikes with a green, glowing palm. If delayed to full capacity, it knocks down, is unblockable, and does 8% more damage.
Rehhyou / Violent Ice (Jin Kisaragi)
With a quick draw of the sword, Jin swings his sword upward at 90 degrees. Cannot be air-blocked.
Sonic Disruptor (Cyborg)
Cyborg fires a wave of sound. Can be delayed, and also can be canceled into Up Sonic Disruptor if @term=upup@ is pressed quickly during delay.
Super Kick (Rain)
An upgraded version of his legendary command move, Rain's hands and feet glow purple as he delivers a nasty roundhouse that pops the opponent off one side of the screen and onto the other.
Take Aim (Green Arrow)
Green Arrow readies a shot from his bow. This can be delayed indefinitely and he can move, duck, and jump (although with limited flexibility) while holding the arrow. The shot can be canceled with a dash.
Target Acquired (Cyborg)
Cyborg aims at the ground with a laser sight, and fires off two arcing missiles. Can be delayed, and the trajectory can be changed with @term=backward@ and @term=forward@ during delay.
Up Sonic Disruptor (Cyborg)
Cyborg fires a sonic wave straight up. Delayable, and can be canceled into the standard Sonic Disruptor if @term=down@@term=down@ is pressed during delay.
Water Style: Ripping Torrent (Yamato)
Yamato charges up a ball of water, then thrusts forward and attacks with a horizontal spiral of water.

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