Hiruko Movelist

Hiruko fires off one of his arms, and upon striking the foe, it flies into the air and fires a bunch of poisonous needles over the field.

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Super Moves
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 ,
Similar Moves
All-Out Assault (MechaGodzilla)
Fire all weapons at once!
Apollo's Bow (Kratos)
Kratos pulls out a flaming bow and fires off two arrows.
Arctic Attack (Iceman)
Iceman stretches his arms and fires off a storm of hailstones.
Argus Agony (Peacock)
A mechanical bird head emerges from the top hat and fires a laser beam. Rows of eyes, creating a formation that resembles a peacock's tail feathers emerge, firing a barrage of laser beams.
Arsenal Assault (Green Arrow)
Green Arrow starts off by firing an explosive arrow into the ground, in an attempt to pop the opponent up into the air. Then, he slides under them and fires an arrow tethered to a rope, which wraps around them and slams them back down to the ground. He finishes off by flipping over the enemy whilst firing flaming arrows into them.
Assassin Throwing Stars (Reiko)
Reiko throws several shuriken, one after another, in succession.
Bang Bang Bang! (Peacock)
Peacock fires 3 random projectiles out of her revolver. They can be either a baseball, a bowling ball, or Bullet Bill (Super Mario reference).
Big Burn Attack (Bobby Nelson)
Bobby busts a move, then performs a sliding trip. Igniting his basketball by spinning it on his finger, he leaps above his prone opponent and rains down double-fisted fireballs.
Bullet Frenzy (Harley Quinn)
Harley fires up at the opponent, and if that first shot hits, she proceeds to fire several more times.
Chou Makouhou Barrage (Great Ape)
The Oozaru charges up his ki and fires off a few consecutive ki blasts from his mouth.
Dagger Toss (Skarlet)
Skarlet tosses two daggers. The second one can be delayed by holding @term=attack1@
Dead On (Green Arrow)
Fires two arrows straight down.
Double Flaming Skulls (Shang Tsung)
Tsung fires off two Flaming Skulls.
Double Grenade (Stryker)
Stryker lobs two grenades. @term=highpunch@ tosses high, @term=lowpunch@ tosses low.
Double low ball (Johnny Cage)
Johnny tosses a Low Forceball followed by a straight one.
Double Low Rocket (Krang)
Krang's thighs open up and he fires a rocket from each of them.
Double Missile (Sektor)
Sektor fires two missiles at the opponent.
Double Missile / Double Rocket Blast (Jax)
Jax fires a missile from each fist.
Double Rekko Zan / 大武流烈光斬 (Hanzou)
Two shurikens thrown together form one projectile for wider coverage.
Double Reppu Zan / 大武流烈風斬 (Fuuma)
Two shurikens thrown at once for a larger projectile.
Double Rocket (Krang)
Krang's arms open at the elbows, and he fires a rocket from each of them.
Double Shot (Omnimon)
Omnimon punches the ground with the MetalGarurumon head, creating a wave of ice across the ground, followed by the WarGreymon head, creating a wave of fire.
Dragon Missile (Dragonzord)
Dragonzord fires a trio of missiles in an arc.
Dragon Shot (Gohan (Teen))
Gohan shots Masenko blasts in rapid succession.
Dragon Shot (Gohan)
Gohan shoots Masenko blasts in rapid succession.
Dual Electronic Particle Cannon (Gotengo)
Fires off two Electronic Particle Cannons - straight forward, as well as up at an angle.
Energy Spray (Raphael)
Raphael leaps into the air and fires a continuous volley of energy spheres.
Eye For An Eye (Deathstroke)
Deathstroke starts with a running sword slash, then slashes the opponent again before tossing his sword into the air. He shoots the opponent twice, then does a flip to kick his falling sword into the opponent. He finishes by unloading many more bullets into the foe.
Finger Missile (MechaGodzilla)
MechaGodzilla fires his fingertips at the opponent.
Finishing Shower (Morrigan Aensland)
Morrigan arches back and fires a barrage at her foe.
Fire Storm (Baraki)
Tosses two fireballs simultaneously.
Flying Sword A (Spiral)
All swords revolving around Spiral are launched in a circle pattern toward the opponent.
Flying Sword B (Spiral)
All swords revolving around Spiral are launched outward in different patterns depending on strength of button.
Frozen Daggers (Killer Frost)
Two ice projectiles.
G. Slicer (Majin Vegeta)
Majin Vegeta fires a ki blasts in an horizontal arc.
G. Slicer (Vegeta)
Vegeta fires off blasts of energy in a horizontal arc.
Galaxy Missile (Shadow Lady)
Many Rainbow Missiles.
G-Crusher (Super MechaGodzilla)
MechaGodzilla latches onto the foe with his anchor, then flies up and bombards them with every weapon he's got.
Goal Tending (Casey Jones)
Casey jumps in the air and flips upside down, creating a spinning vortex of energy balls before landing back on the ground.
Gogeki Tenken (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin summons a flurry of giant fists that attack the opponent from both downward and upward angles.
Goketsu Ryu Ikaku Kao x3 (Otane Goketsuji)
Three big projectiles in rapid succession.
Gravity Spread (King Ghidorah)
Ghidorah flies up and fires blasts in every direction in front of him.
Hazard Breath / Innocence Breath (Majin Buu)
Buu spays projectiles from his mouth in a horizontal arc.
Hell Needle (Cell)
Cell shoots lasers from his fingers. The light version shoots directly at the opponent. The hard version shoots in a horizontal V-shape, which will hit those who are off to the side or at close range.
Hien Renkoku (Rukia Kuchiki)
Spread-out Pale Lightning followed by a large spread Pale Fire Crash.
Hundred Balls (Shoma Sawamura)
Shoma chucks a bunch of balls at his opponent.
Hyper MegaMan (Megaman)
MegaMan temporarily transforms into a larger, more mature-looking version of himself (looking like a beefed-up MegaMan X) and fires off a gamut of guns, lasers, and missiles before returning to his normal form. Rapidly tapping the attacks used to perform the move increases damage.
Hyper Mystic Ray (Shuma-Gorath)
Repeated Mystic Ray attacks.
Hyper Roll (Roll)
Roll temporarily transforms into a larger, more mature-looking version of herself and fires off a gamut of guns, lasers, and missiles before returning to her normal form. Rapidly tapping the attacks used to perform the move increases damage.
Hyper Spray (Biollante)
Biollante sends out two vines. If either strikes the opponent, they will spray the opponent with sap. Then, Biollante fires a barrage of sap bullets.
Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure (Norimaro)
Norimaro flings random objects from his bookbag.
Inferno Brigade (Parasoul)
Parasoul leads her Black Egrets to assault the enemy with a volley of gunfire.
Interrupter (Cell)
Cell moves to the side wide firing lasers from his finger. Light version fires 2 shots and moves a relatively short distance. The hard version fires 4 shots and moves farther.
Judgment (Cell)
An upgraded version of Hell Needle, Cell fires off more beams from his fingers. Mashing the attack button can yield extra damage.
Kebari Senbon (Jiraiya)
Standard two-hit combo followed by a stumble, and firing off a massive amount of hair needles.
Killer Nails (Nick)
Nick flings three knives at the foe.
Lava Missile (Cyclopsis)
Fires a batch of low missiles that explode into flaming columns.
Legacy Edge (ν-13)
Nu creates a portal in from of her, which fires a barrage of swords
Legion Arrow (Taskmaster)
Taskmaster fires many arrows at his foe.
Lucora Gun (Majin Vegeta)
Majin Vegeta fires a pair of ki blasts.
Lucora Gun (Vegeta)
Vegeta fires a barrage of ki blasts. He fires a minimum of two projectiles, but it can be extended by pressing the attack buttons.
Machine Gun (Deathstroke)
Five rapid fire shots, but only after a brief startup time.
Mario Finale (Mario)
Mario charges up and releases two massive fireballs that twist around like a helix.
Mech Zankuu Hadouken (Cyber Akuma)
Double giant air fireball.
Messatsu-Gohado Agyo (Akuma)
Akuma fires off a wide spray of ki blasts.
Meteor Swirling Bullets / Ryusei Ranbu Dan, 流星乱舞弾 (Otane Goketsuji)
Otane grabs the opponent and tosses them behind, then pelts them with fireballs while they're disoriented.
Meteor Swirling Bullets / Ryusei Ranbu Dan, 流星乱舞弾 (Oume Goketsuji)
Rapid repeating fireballs shot from one palm after the other.
Millennium Wave (Leonardo)
Leonardo rapidly punches the air, firing off projectiles shaped like his fist surrounded in aura.
Minigun (Green Lantern)
Rapid-firing minigun construct.
Multi-Missile Shot (MechaGodzilla)
Depending on the length of the button being held, MechaGodzilla fires off either two or three missiles.
Ninja Gift (Deadpool)
Deadpool leaps into the air and throws projectiles at a downward angle. Light Attack produces shuriken, Medium Attack has him tossing grenades, and Hard Attack yields bolos.
Octo Needle Waves (Hiruko)
Hiruko fires 40 waves of needles at the opponent.
Pale Fire Crash (Byakuya Kuchiki)
Multiple fireball stream.
Plasma Storm (Sentinel)
Sentinel lets loose a massive ball of energy with smaller orbs above and below it. Mashing the buttons used to perform the attack will change the energy's color and cause multiple "waves" of the attack to occur.
Power Barrage (Gohan)
Gohan fires ki blasts in a cross formation.
Quad Electronic Particle Cannon (Gotengo)
The Gotengo fires a spread of four lasers.
Rainbow Missile (Shadow Lady)
Shadow Lady bows and fires off three semi-homing missiles from her back.
Ray Hands / 奔雷手 (Wacker)
Rapidly fired projectiles that travel roughly half-screen.
Razor Card Barrage (The Joker)
Joker flings several playing cards that stick into the opponent. The final one is elegantly tossed into the forehead.
Release the Bats (Batman)
Flings the Mechanical Bats in the opponent's general direction.
Ren Hadoken (Ryu)
Ryu fires off many smaller, half-screen traveling Hadoken in accordance with mashing.
Renzoku Energy Dan / Continuous Energy Bullets (Goku)
Three consecutive ki blasts.
Rivet Spit (Mileena)
Removing her mask, Mileena dumps a cup full of rivets into her mouth and spits them out at the opponent.
Rock 'n' Roll (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket pelts his enemy with a chaingun, then blasts them with a charged Spitfire.
Rocket Power (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern summons two rocket constructs above him which fly diagonally downward until they crash into one another, damaging the foe if they are hit by the detonation. Holding @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ after inputting the motion will cause them to detonate earlier or later.
Round Dash (Frieza)
Frieza runs/fly in free move. While this move is activated, pressing the attack button will fire a succession of ki blasts.
Sacred Dance Shuriken (Tenten)
Tenten tosses five shuriken at the foe at once. If the Attack button is charged until the meter above Tenten's head reaches purple, she leaps into the air and throws a massive amount of shuriken
Sai Barrage (Mileena)
Mileena throws a massive amount of sai at her opponent, which stick in the foe.
Sai Bursts (Mileena)
Mileena throws one sai, then the other.
Scatter Bombs (Batgirl)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Scatter Bombs (Batman)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Byakuya Kuchiki)
A number of pink katana appear in the air and hover briefly before rapidly descending in the opponent's direction.
Senpen Banka (Ganju Shiba)
Ganju flings several waves of grenades, each throw scooting him backward.
Shadow Break (Shadow)
Shadow launches many Sonic Booms. Mashing increases how many are thrown.
Shuriken Barrage (Reiko)
Reiko tosses many shuriken at the foe, which stick into their body.
Shuriken Cluster (Reiko)
Reiko tosses a large cluster of shuriken at his foe.
Sky Alert (Green Arrow)
Fires two arrows straight up.
Super Destructo Disk / Renzoku Kienzan (Krillin)
Krillin throws 10 Destructo Disks in rapid succession. Becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Super Searing Skull (Spinal)
Spinal lets loose all remaining skulls at the enemy.
Target Acquired (Cyborg)
Cyborg aims at the ground with a laser sight, and fires off two arcing missiles. Can be delayed, and the trajectory can be changed with @term=backward@ and @term=forward@ during delay.
Tenma Gou Zankuu / 天魔豪斬空 (Ryu)
A flurry of downwards air projectiles.
Tenma Gou Zankuu / Tenma-Gozanku Agyo (MVC3) (Akuma)
Akuma rains projectiles down at his foe.
Thunder Beam (Megaman)
Fires three shocking bolts: one straight up, one straight forward, and one straight down.
Thunder Gou Shower (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma rains down on his foe with many giant Hadouken, which also shock the crap out of the enemy.
Triple Flaming Skulls (Shang Tsung)
Tsung fires off three Flaming Skulls.
Twin Flying Dragon (Gaoluon)
Gao throws his Lujiaodao like boomerangs, hitting from high and low simultaneously before they return to him.
Ultimate Blaster (Android 17)
Android 17 performs a rapid-fire variation of his Blaster.
Ultimate Blaster (Android 18)
rapid-fire variation of the Blaster
Volcanic Skulls / Ground Eruption (Shang Tsung)
Tsung summons three Flaming Skulls from the ground. In MK2011, he only fires one skull unless ES'd.
War Destroyer (War Machine)
War Machine straps on a harness and fires missiles straight up in the air, which come back down in the opponent's general vicinity.
Wind Style: Pressure Damage (Kakuzu)
Kakuzu blasts air at the foe.
Wood Style: Wooden Hammer (Yamato)
Many wooden beams sprout from the ground. If performed from afar, they fire off in an arc toward the foe.
Zero Gun: Fenrir (Noel Vermillion)
Noel swings out a large machine and fires at her enemy. If the initial swing connects, she will also fire a charged shot at her airborne foe.
Zero Gun: Thor (Noel Vermillion)
While airbone, Noel fires a barrage with her pistols. She will then finish the attack by shooting a rocket launcher.

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