Rain Movelist

Rain brings his opponent toward him with a small water eruption at their feet, then proceeds to break their arm and then Super Kicks them in the face.

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Super Moves
Mortal Kombat (2011) ++
Similar Moves
Bushin Goraisenpujin (Guy)
Guy starts with a set of punches and kicks, and then the last kick sends his opponent airborne. As the opponent is spinning in the air, Guy climbs the walls, grabs them in the air and drops them in a Bushin Izuna Drop.
Choke (Nightwolf)
Nightwolf grabs and lifts his foe by the throat, then releases them and Shoulder charges them before they hit the ground.
Dance of Fury (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo performs an auto-combo with various kick and nunchaku strikes that ends in a Rising Thunder.
Dead Rising (Frank West)
Frank grabs the opponent and spins them with a Fireman's Carry, then tosses them up in the air. As they come back down, he smacks them with a Grand Slam that sends them flying off into the distance.
Final Atomic Buster (Mecha Zangief)
A series of suplexes followed by a Spinning Piledriver.
Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
A series of suplexes, followed by a Spinning Piledriver.
Final Destruction (Cody Travers)
Cody starts with a set of punches to his opponent and finishes with a powerful Criminal Upper.
Flamboyant Rasengan (Jiraiya)
A turn-around punch followed by a mini-Rasengan.
Forbidden Taijutsu (Might Guy)
Guy kicks his opponent a couple of times, then strikes them with a double downward shuto (knife hand) that crashes them into the ground.

If this sequence is successful, Guy uppercuts his foe into the air, then rockets up next to them and performs a Primary Lotus.

Hair Whiplash (Jiraiya)
A punch, a hair strike, and a mini-Rasengan.
Heaven's Bolt (Nightwolf)
Nightwolf conjures an energy knife and jabs it into the opponent's neck, then flings them behind him and summons a lightning bolt to strike them.
Hishou Burai Ken (Dan Hibiki)
Dan delivers a series of attacks with a fancy Koryuken finish.
Kongogeki (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin reaches out to grab his opponent with one hand. Upon successfully grabbing them, he proceeds to slam him or her on the ground on the other side of him, then follows up with a Tenken. The number of slams depends on the strength of the attack used. Light Attack produces one, Medium Attack produces two, and Hard Attack produces five.
Meteo Smash / Super Meteo Attack (Goku)
Goku kicks his opponent high into the air, then flies up and knocks them down with a hammer punch, and finally comes down and smashes them with a Super Elbow Smash.
Midare Zakura (Sunburned Sakura)
Auto-combo ending with a Shououken.
Optic Geyser (Cyclops)
Cyclops grabs his opponent and holds them overhead, then proceeds to pelt them with an upward Optic Blast that sends them skyward. The blast goes straight up by default, unless the move is performed in a corner - then, it fires off upward diagonally in the opposite direction from the corner. However, the blast angle may be modified with the joystick.
Queen B (Sindel)
Sindel grabs her opponent's leg with her hair, then kicks them in the groin, shatters their thigh with a shuto, and then knocks them away with a Yell.
Raging Slash (T. Hawk)
T. Hawk starts with the Rising Hawk, catches his opponent in mid-air, then throws them down on the floor. He then grabs them by the foot and starts slamming them consecutively on the floor. T. Hawk ends the combo with a Mexican Typhoon, one that's done without leaping.
Rock 'n' Roll (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket pelts his enemy with a chaingun, then blasts them with a charged Spitfire.
Roll Mop Up Turbo (Roll)
Roll dashes across the floor scrubbing in front of her with her mop, damaging the foe if they get struck by the rapidly moving mop. This attack moves much faster than her standard Roll Mop Up, and has the potential for more hits and damage than even a Powered Up Roll Mop Up Turbo. At the end of the move, Roll smacks the foe with a Roll Broom Swing.
Ryoku Ranbu (SDM) / Furious Fandango (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Ryuko Ranbu / Furious Fandango, 龍虎乱舞 (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Sai Fury (Raphael)
Raphael slides forward, holding both of his sai overhead. If he connects with this, he proceeds to thrash the opponent with a series of sai strikes and kicks, culminating in a more powerful Spark Plug.
Spiral Palm (Jiraiya)
Standard three-hit combo plus a mini-Rasengan finish.
Total Wipeout (Guile)
A short and sweet series of his basic attacks strung together with a flash kick on the end.
Trip to Heaven (Nightwolf)
Nightwolf conjures an energy knife and jabs it in the opponent's neck, trips them, then summons a lightning bolt to strike them.
Venom Web (Venom)
Venom leaps into the air and spreads a web across the screen, wrapping the opponent in a cocoon. He then descends and strikes the opponent a few times, finishing up with a Venom Rush and a Venom Fang.
Vigorous Flail (Might Guy)
Guy busts out a pair of nunchaku and whips it back and forth 16 times, then ends with a Dynamic Entry.
Warp Slam (Arkane)
Arkane grabs his opponent and teleports about, slamming them each time he reappears. The move ends with a Choke attack.

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