Smoke Movelist

Smoke temporarily turns invisible.

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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat (2011)
Similar Moves
Invisibility / Chameleon (Reptile)
Reptile disappears behind a mushroom cloud, effectively becoming invisible both to player and opponent.
Darkness (Noob-Smoke)
In a puff of smoke, Saibot disappears from view.
Darkness (Smoke (Cyborg))
Smoke becomes invisible. Repeating this move or being struck causes him to reappear.
Dimensional Dance (Spiral)
Spiral turns invisible for a few moments.
Find Me (Tanya)
Tanya disappears in a fiery haze.
Phase Shifter (Ares)
Ares turns temporarily invisible, with a slight outline to indicate his position.
Silent Kill (X-23)
X-23 becomes invisible, but flickers when struck by the enemy. She can also appear from above and stab her victim in back of the head.
Stealth / Kage Mai, 忍法影舞 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo turns invisible.

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