M.O.D.O.K. Movelist

This ability allows M.O.D.O.K to fly at higher altitudes than he can normally, but cannot block.

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Special Moves
Marvel vs Capcom 3 +
Similar Moves
Flight (Iron Man)
Iron Man's thrusters allow him to fly and fight for a while.
Flight (MechaGodzilla)
Shifting its body horizontally, MechaGodzilla is given eight-way movement and a few different attack options.
Flight (Painwheel)
Spinning the blade as a helicopter rotor, Painwheel hovers above the ground.
Flight / Flying, Hikou (War Machine)
War Machine uses boot thrusters to gain eight-way air movement.
Hikou / Flight (Sentinel)
Sentinel is able to temporarily fly in eight directions. All of its air attacks are available in this mode. Flight is negated after a few seconds, if Sentinel is struck, if the command is repeated, or in later installments, his Hard Drive Super Move is performed.

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