Motaro Movelist

Motaro stands up.

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Similar Moves
Back to Normal Stance / Back to Normal Stance (Sonya Blade)
Sonya stands up from her crouching Military Stance.
Carbonadium Cancel (Omega Red)
Omega Red quickly contracts his Carbonadium tentacle.
Egret Call (Parasoul)
Parasoul dimisses a soldier as he appears on-screen. This move cancels Parasoul's current attack.
Hover Cancel (Superman)
Brings Superman back down to Earth.
Omega Cancel (Omega Red)
Cancels the Omega Strike attack.
Projectile Cancel (Raiden)
Cancels the projectile whilst charging it.
Run Stop (Cerebella)
Cerebella halts her charge.
Standard Stance (Omega)
Genra puts away his lightsaber.
Stop (Cole MacGrath)
Cole screeches to a halt.
The Hayate Tricks / 疾風の術 (Hanzou)
Hanzou immediately cancels out of any normal attack with a short pose. Can be used while crouching as well.

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