Nakoruru Movelist

A "secret move," Nakoruru performs several Kamui Risses rapidly.

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Special Moves
Samurai Shodown 2 ++ [Preview]
Similar Moves
Big Bang Tackle (Brian Battler)
Three hyper tackles in a row, back and forth. Reminiscent of Buffaloman's Hurrican Mixer finisher, from Kinnikuman.
Double German (Marstorius)
Two German suplexes in succession.
Double Somersault Kick / Double Flash, Somersault Strike (Guile)
Repeated somersault kicks.
Double Typhoon (T. Hawk)
Two Mexican Typhoons in succession.
EKG Flatliner (Valentine)
Valetine dashes back and forth, cutting with her bonesaw. Each pass through her opponent creates a visual effect similar to an electrocardiograph reading.
Excellebella (Cerebella)
Airborne opponents are grabbed by legs and slapped silly.
Fuujin Kyaku / 風神脚 (Syoh)
Advancing kicks. Can be canceled into other moves, most notably the Screw Izuna Drop to throw opponent out of block or hitstun. Syoh is broken.
Guruguru Punch (Jian)
Repeated dashing punches.
Hazan Tenshokyaku / Super Heaven Rising Kick (Chun-Li)
Chun Li rises with many spinning kicks.
Hyper Stars and Stripes (Captain America)
Three successive stars and stripes.
Hyper Stars and Stripes (U.S. Agent)
Three successive stars and stripes.
Jaguar Revolver (Adon)
Repeated Jaguar Kicks.
Knee Press Nightmare / Scissors Kick Knightmare (M. Bison)
Bison does a couple multi hit knee presses.
Koryuurekka (Dan Hibiki)
Repeated Koryukens
Lightning Strikes (Rain)
Rain summons multiple lightning bolts, which blow up the opponent.
Meido no Miyage (Sodom)
Multiple Jigoku Scrapes.
Messatsu Gou Shoryu (Akuma)
A juggling series of Gou Shoryu Kens.
Midare Sakura (Sakura Kasugano)
Sakura's own Shoryu Reppa.
Penalty Box (Casey Jones)
Casey performs his throw attack four times in a row.
Rekkashinken / 烈火真拳 (Fei Long)
A longer more damaging Rekkaken.
Rolling Izuna Drop (Vega)
Vega grabs and drops his foe on their head repeatedly.
Running Pirates (Clark Steel)
A variant of Running Three. Instead of slamming the opponent into the ground, Clark rams them into the left and right stage "walls."
Scramble Gou Punch (Cyber Akuma)
Triple advancing Mech Gou Shoryuken with burning.
Shadow Justice (Shadow)
Three consecutive Somersault Shells.
Shadow Justice (Shadow)
Somersault Shells, all the way across the screen! What does it mean!?
Sobat Carnival (Dee Jay)

Super Killer Head Ram / 鬼無双 (E. Honda)
A succession of Sumo Headbutts.
Swallow Super Slash / ツバメ六連 (Ukyo Tachibana)
Rapid Swallow Swipes.
The Birdie (Birdie)
Repeated Bull Heads.
Tyrant Punish (Urien)
A bunch of Chariot Tackles and a clothesline finish.
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
Three successive Super Argentine Backbreakers are performed with different finishers over the years. 94-95: After the third drop, Clark ends with a shoulder buster. 96-98: Normally ends with a Death Valley Bomb. SDM version ends with "Clark Spark," Clark's take on Kinnikuman's Muscle Spark finisher.
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
When the SDM Ultra Argentine became a seperate move in 2000, it still ended with the "Clark Spark" hold. The 2003 LDM variation of UAB ends with the Clark Special, a copy of Robin Mask's "Robin Special" finisher from Kinnikuman. On the third toss, clark jumps up and grabs the enemy's head between his legs, crushing it during the handstand landing.

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