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Mavado's hands glow red and his physical attack strength increases temporarily.

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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Similar Moves
Abilities Unleashed (Hiruko)
Increases Hiruko's strength and speed temporarily.
Abilities Unleashed (Kabuto Yakushi)
Brief augmentation of abilities.
Abilities Unleashed (Student Naruto)
Naruto gains a yellow aura as his speed increases greatly.
Alien Malleability (Martian Manhunter)
For a brief time, all of Manhunter's basic attacks will be stretchy.
Armor Mode (Android 16)
Android 16 will immune to knockdowns and hit stuns while in this state.
Bag-O-Tricks (Harley Quinn)
Harley pulls out a random object, each one having a different effect: Mr. J: A picture of Joker which she kisses, shortly increasing her damage output.
TNT: An explosive tossed a short distance away.
Ivy's Flower: A gift from her bestie Pamela Isley, slowly heals her life meter over a brief period.

Berserker Charge (Wolverine)
Wolverine's speed increases twofold.
Blinding Speed (Jada)
Jada's speed increases significantly for a limited time.
Blood Kain (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna emits a black aura around his body. In this state Ragna's health will deplete over time, but his enhanced drive attacks more than make up for it. His Soul Eater attacks have a larger hitbox, inflict greater damage, drain more health.
Bottoms Up (Frank West)
Frank takes a swig of alcohol, temporarily increasing the amount of Prestige Points he gets from his Snapshot attack. At the end of the duration, Frank stops and vomits, leaving him temporarily open to attack.
Bracelets of Submission (Wonder Woman)
A high parry that temporarily increases Wonder Woman's damage output.
Burning Arrow (Green Arrow)
Tips the next three shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with powerful flaming arrows that cause knockdown.
Charge Up (Hsu Hao)
Hsu Hao's hands glow red, and his physical attack strength temporarily increases.
Defense Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy grabs his opponent and drags them to him, then picks them up and slams them down hard twice. Grundy gets a tick damage intake decrease modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Eighth Gate (Might Guy)
Guy opens his Eighth Chakra Gate, allowing him to have more powerful attacks and greater speed.
Electric Arrow (Green Arrow)
Tips the next two shots from Green Arrow's Take Aim with electric arrows that damage more than standard arrows and cause momentary stagger.
Energy Charge (Gohan)
boosts Gohan's attack power
Energy Shield (Lex Luthor)
Lex gets one hit of super armor. If charged more, he also takes less damage and the shield lasts longer.
Enhanced Reflexes (Deathstroke)
For a short period of time, all of Deathstroke's bullets are unblockable. Following this is a brief cooldown period, where all of his shots will miss.
Explosive Energy (Heavyweight)
Christopher temporarily gains triple attack strength, at the expense of losing the ability to block.
Faster Than... (Arvid)
Arvid speeds up significantly, for a limited time.
First Style: Awakening Jutsu (ANBU Kakashi)
Kakashi instantly attains Ultimate Mode, making his attacks stronger.
Flame Katana (Silver Samurai)

Flash Mode (Minato Namikaze)
Minato becomes even faster (!) and has a few different String Moves.
Flying Sparrow Mode (Asuma Sarutobi)
Asuma lengthens the chakra covering on his trench knives, switching up his attacks and increasing his speed.
Freezing Cold (Killer Frost)
Hold @term=sbtn@ to fill up the meter. Upon filling, all of Killer Frost's basic and command attacks freeze briefly, for a limited time. The meter filling can be canceled with a dash.
Frightening Strength (Bryan)
Bryan's strength temporarily increases at the cost of his speed. Following BH2's patch version 1.1 the speed reduction is gone, and opponents are slowly pulled toward him, and if he gets hit, they're pushed away.
Frozen Arrow (Green Arrow)
In Justice League: Task Force, Green Arrow fires off an arrow that freezes the opponent. In Injustice: Gods Among Us, it tips his next Take Aim shot with a freezing arrow.
Fury of Krypton (Superman)
For a short period, Superman's attacks do more damage and ignore armor.
Gate of Opening Mode (Might Guy)
Guy opens all eight of his Chakra Gates, causing him to gain a massive speed boost and change his attacks a bit.
Gotham's Gauntlets (Batgirl)
Switches between Punch Blades and Electrified Knuckles. The Punch Blades do moderate punch damage but almost no tick damage. Electrified Knuckles do a bit less punch damage normally but much more to blocking opponents.
Grave Digger (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy's walk speed increases and he gains Super Armor for a limited time. All of his attack options turn into a trigger for the rest of his super move; a grab that is followed by a slash from one of the weapons in his back, a jumping throw, and finally, smashing the opponent over the head with his own gravestone.
Green Lantern's Light (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern summons his lantern to strengthen his attacks for a short time.
H2O Boost (Rain)
Rain momentarily glows with a yellow aura, increasing his damage at the expense of disabling his blocking.
Hado Kakusei (Ryu)
Ryu gets a 15% speed boost and access to slightly different Hyper Combos.
Hatred Install (Painwheel)
Once activated, Painwheel's fighting abilties will improve in a number of ways. All Hatred Guard moves provide greater protection, faster movement while flying, and hit new properties that improve her overall damage potential.
Health Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy grabs the opponent by the leg and slams them once on each side of him. Grundy gets a damage intake decrease modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Ice Fist (Iceman)
Iceman covers a fist within a large ball of ice, which increases the strength of his punch attacks, causes his punches to do higher tick damage, and the ability to stop projectiles with his punches.
Ice Katana (Silver Samurai)

Inner Rage (Kano)
Kano's hands glow red, and his physical attack strength temporarily increases.
Joker's Wild (The Joker)
Joker's Wild is a parry that counteracts a basic attack by stabbing the opponent in the chest with a knife, followed by kicking them off of the knife. Each time the parry is successful, Joker gets a "Ha!", up to three total. Each Ha! increases his movement speed and jumping range slightly.
Kaioken / Fist of the World King, King Kai Fist (Goku)
Goku is surrounded by a red aura when using this technique, and his fighting abilities are augmented in this state.
Kokuujin Ougi: Mugen / Heavenly Judgement: Infinity (Hakumen)
For short time, Hakumen has unlimited use to special moves and supers.
Leader Mode (Student Naruto)
Naruto's strength/speed/durability increase slightly.
Mangekyo Sharingan Mode (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi activates his "Mangekyo" Sharingan, which makes him speedier and changes up a few of his attacks.
Nine-Tail Chakra (Naruto Uzumaki)
Naruto calls upon the power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within him, causing a red aura to surround him. This increases his speed and attack.
Ouroboros (Strider Hiryu)
Two orbiting drones are summoned. They do damage on contact, but more importantly fire ring lasers every time Strider attacks.
Power Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy picks up his opponent by the face and slams them, then punches them while they're down. Grundy gets a damage increase modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Power Dance (Spiral)
Spiral's attacks temporarily do more damage.
Power Drain (Rogue)
Rogue rushes her enemy and kisses them. If she succeeds, she steals their power--in XvSF a special move, in MvC2 a temporary special property.
Red Chakra Mode (Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden))
A red, vaguely fox-like aura appears around him, switching up a few of his moves and increasing his speed and attack strength.
Roll Power Up! (Roll)
Roll smiles and her broom glows. The properties of the next special move she performs will change.
Second Style: Awakening Jutsu (ANBU Kakashi)
Kakashi instantly attains Ultimate Mode, making his attacks stronger. This lasts longer than the First Style: Awakening Jutsu.
Shadow (Heavy D!)
D! throws a few punches and poses. This enhances his next special move, often adding extra hits.
Shroud of Flames / Flame Aura (Scorpion)
Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage to the opponent upon touch. If the move is activated right next to the opponent, they are burned and stunned.
Skeletal Boost (Quan Chi)
Quan Chi summons a skeletal hand from a portal in the air behind him, and he is randomly given either a health boost or a damage boost.
Snapshot (Frank West)
Frank takes a photo of the opponent, slightly damaging them and stunning them. Each photo increases Frank's Prestige Points for his Skill Level, and higher skill levels (up to 5) unlock more moves, upgrades the objects he attacks with, slightly recovers some health, and increases damage output. Prestige Points can be increased by tacking Snapshot to the end of a combo.
Solomon's Judgment (Shazam)
Lightning strikes Shazam's hands, temporarily boosting the strength of his punching attacks.
Speed Dance (Spiral)
Spiral's speed increases temporarily.
Speed Mode (Android 16)
Android 16's speed is greatly increased for a limited time.
SS Forbidden Technique: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (Bang Shishigami)
Glowing with a yellow aura, Bang loses his ability to use normal blocks in exchange for incredible speed. Once activated, this state will last for the duration of the round.
Super Saiyan (Goku)
Goku transform in a Super Saiyan.
Super Saiyan (Gohan)
Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan / Future Super Saiyan (Trunks)
Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan.
Super Saiyan / Super Vegeta (Vegeta)
Vegeta tranforms into a Super Saiyan.
The Eight Gates (Might Guy)
Guy opens his eight chakra gates, causing his skin to turn blood-red, his eyes to go blank, and his hair to stand up. He kicks the foe into the air, then leaps into the air and spins like a top, driving down into them, crashing them into the ground.

If this sequence is successful, Guy performs a super-quick dashing clotheslines and tosses the enemy into the air. He rockets into the air, combos them quicker than the player can see, then strikes them into the ground.

Following the completion of either sequence, Guy remains for some time in his "Eight Gates" state, increasing his speed and attack power.

The Final Element (Principal)
The Principal gains attack strength and speed, as well as slowly pulls the opponent toward him, or pushes them away if he is hit.
The Nine-Tail (Naruto Uzumaki)
Naruto looks inside himself, seeing the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed behind a gate and asks for its assistance. The Fox unleashes its power within Naruto, allowing him to deliver a massively powerful punch to the opponent.

If this sequence is successful, Naruto focuses his energy and further taps into the Fox's power, coating him with a flaming red aura. Naruto performs a powerful uppercut to his opponent that knocks them high into the air.

After this move is completed, Naruto is transformed into his Nine-Tailed Fox Unleashed form, which boosts his strength for a short time, in exchange for not being unable to perform Super Moves.

Thunder Katana (Silver Samurai)

Trained Soul Release: Stage One. (Orochimaru)
Orochimaru instantly attains Ultimate Mode, making his attacks stronger.
Trained Soul Release: Stage Three (Orochimaru)
Orochimaru instantly attains Ultimate Mode, making his attacks stronger. This lasts longer than the Trained Soul Release: Stage Two.
Ultimate Mode (Hiruko)
Increases Hiruko's speed.
Venom Boost (Bane)
Bane pumps his body full of his trademark steroid, giving him more powerful attacks and adding super armor to all of his specials. This can be done even mid-attack and up to three times. When this buff wears off, he will temporarily dish out less damage, take more damage, and be physically slower. The weakened period is increased for each level of buffing he used.
Vial Hazard (Valentine)
Valentine fills a syringe with various poisons. Type A: This purple-colored poison that causes damage over time Type B: Green in color, the opponent has increased stun time to Valentine's attack Type C: Orange-colored poison that increases the opponent's input lag.
Voltic Charge (Iron Tager)
Increases the Electric Guage. Charge to increase amount gained.
Water of Life (Aquaman)
Water coats Aquaman's body for a short time, making it easier for him to slip out of combos.

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