Sliding punch attack.


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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Similar Moves
5-Star Kick (Sareena)
Sareena slides forward and reaches out with her leg, proceeding to kick the foe five times if she connects.
Afterimage Attack / 残像踏み込み斬り (Ukyo Tachibana)
Ukyo dashes forward leaving afterimages, cutting opponent on contact.
Air Quantum Slice (Rain)
Rain uses his Quantum Slice to propel himself forward in the air, hitting the opponent if they're in his way; the slice itself also damages the opponent on contact. Holding Down when he does the move will send him diagonally downward instead of straight across.
All-Range Attack (Body)
Body splits into pieces and charges forward.
Amalthea Bash (Wonder Woman)
Rushing shield strike, causes staggering. Amalthea was the foster mother of Zeus.
Ame no Murakumo (Strider Hiryu)
Strider dashes forward with a wide cipher slash.
Ankle Slice (X-23)
X-23 rushes in with a slow slash.
Approaching (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Spinning punch rush combo ending with uppercut.
Argus Plunge (Rain)
Rain turns into a big ball of water and floats forward. Catching the opponent with it will put them in the ball and tumble them a bit he turns back to normal and slams them into the ground.
Around The World (The Flash)
Three dashes in the same direction, causing the opponent to spin and be stunned.
Atlas Torpedo (Shazam)
Spinning air tackle.
Atomic Phobos (Zeno)
Rolling ball attack.
Attacking (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Spinning low kick rush combo, ending with a pop-up hand sweep.
Backstep Roll (Blanka)
Blanka hops back, then rolls forward in a rainbow arc.
Baraka-Serker (Baraka)
Baraka rushes forward while wildly swinging his blades.
Battle Butt (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa grows a set of ram horns as Cerebella lunges with a headbutt.
Beast Cannon (Dark Talbain)
Talbain rushes right at his foe, or downwards at an angle if done in the air. Can change direction once with another direction+@term=anypunch@ (four redirects available when ES'd).
Belly Bash (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho dashes and strikes the enemy with his gut.
Berserker Barrage X (Wolverine)
Wolverine rushes at his foe and rapidly claws at them whilst moving.
Bicycle Kick / Bike Kicks (Shujinko)
Shujinko launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Bicycle Kick / Flying Bicycle Kick (Liu Kang)
Liu launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Big Bang Tackle (Brian Battler)
Three hyper tackles in a row, back and forth. Reminiscent of Buffaloman's Hurrican Mixer finisher, from Kinnikuman.
Big Wednesday (Warren)
Rushing tackle.
Black Dragon Ball (Kira)
Kira rolls into a ball, launching herself at the opponent.
Black Ice (Killer Frost)
Because an ice user always needs a slide for some reason.
Black Tornado (BlackWarGreymon)
BlackWarGreymon spins in a chosen direction to drill with his claws. Can be repeated a second time in any direction.
Blade Charge (Baraka)
Baraka dashes forward and impales the opponent, lifting them up and then withdrawing one blade so that he can punch them off.
Blue Light Special (Frank West)
Frank charges at the foe with a shopping cart strapped with chainsaws (and featuring many items inside the cart, including a Servbot head and an unmoving zombie).
Bonnie is a softie (Bonnie)
Rush attack.
Bonnie Special 2 (Bonnie)
Bonnie bares her teeth, then executes a powerful rush attack.
Bravo!! (Bull Demon King)
Gets down on a three-point stance, then rushes forward for a multiple hit bull charge.
Bull Head (Birdie)
A quick-start headbutt charge with skin-reddening power.
Bull Horn (Birdie)
Headbutt rush with turnaround dodge at the start.
Burning Fist (Kobra)
Charging burning fist attack.
Burning Knuckle / バーンナックル, Burn Knuckle (Terry Bogard)
Terry punches forward with his hand ablaze.
Burrow (Orochimaru)
Low rush attack.
Cannonball / Black Dragon Ball, Kano Ball, Ball (Kano)
Kano rolls into a ball, launching himself at the opponent.
Carnage Scissors (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna dashes in with a sword strike and then releases dark energy from his sword.
Cat Dash (Catwoman)
Catwoman dashes past her opponent and guts them with her claws. Causes crumple.
Cat Scratch (Ms. Fortune)
A rushing scratch that can be chained together up to 3 times.
Charge (Shinnok)
Shinnok rushes at the opponent.
Charging Pain (Reiko)
Reiko rushes forward for a headbutt with a Shao Kahn-esque energy helmet around his noggin.
Charging Slide (The Flash)
A quick slide kick from the Running Man Stance.
Charging Star (Captain America)
Cap rushes behind his shield, can absorb incoming projectiles.
Charging Star (U.S. Agent)
Charging shield attack.
Charging Star (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent rushes behind his shield, can absorb incoming projectiles.
Chariot Tackle (Urien)
Urien rushes his foe, shoulder first.
Chest Cruncher (Darrius)
Dashing punch attack
Claw Attack (Agumon)
Agumon moves forward whilst slashing twice, then does sort of a hop-dash with a third and final strike. Covers a lot of ground and is majorly damaging if the opponent gets caught in all of the hits, but potentially suicidal for Agumon if he's on a short platform or a forced-moving surface such as ice or a conveyor belt.
Cloak of Avoidance (Daegon)
Daegon pivots to avoid attacks, then rushes forward with a flaming punch.
Cold Shoulder (Sub-Zero (II))
Sub-Zero rushes forward with a low shoulder ram.
Copy Ninjutsu (Might Guy)
Guy and Kakashi simultaneously perform Dynamic Entries - Guy engulfed in flames, and Kakashi surrounded by electricity.
Corp Charge (Lex Luthor)
Basic ramming attack.
Courier Speed (Hikyaku)
Hikyaku dashes at the opponent at his full speed. Upon the move's end, he stops to catch his breath momentarily.
Critical Punch (Roger)
Roger rushes across the screen while punching rapidly.
Critical Wing (Alfred)
Dashing slash.
Dagger Tackle (Yellow Ranger)
In what seems to be a signature move for sai users, Yellow Ranger flies spinning through the air to strike with her weapons.
Dash Low Straight (Balrog)
Balrog dashes forward and punches low.
Dash Palm (Reptile)
Reptile slides forward and stikes with a palm.
Dash Straight (Balrog)
Balrog dashes forward and punches.
Dash Upper (Balrog)
Balrog dashes forward and uppercuts.
Dashing Straight (Goku)
Goku dashes across the arena to deliver a punch.
Death Crawl (Painwheel)
Painwheel bends in a bridge position, with spikes protruding from her limbs. She crawls toward her opponent, knocking over and impaling anybody that gets in the way.
Demigoddess' Might (Wonder Woman)
Rushing air jab.
Desperado Slide (Frank West)
Frank slides across the ground.
Dino Lance (Blue Ranger)
Whips out his lance and slides forward.
Dino Rush (Commander Mozar)
Mozar gets down on all fours and rushes at the foe, attempting to skewer him or her with his horns.
Diving Corpse (Havik)
Headfirst sliding attack.
Diving Roller (Baraki)
Baraki does his best Blanka impression and hurdles across the screen in a ball. Charging longer increases speed slightly.
Double Edge (Snorlax)
Snorlax pivots before rushing the enemy.
Double Knee Press / Scissors Kick (M. Bison)
Bison turns a front flip and kicks out at his enemy.
Dragon Bazooka (Tatsuki Arisawa)
Sliding kick attack
Dragon Charge (Sheeva)
Shield charge.
Dragon Dynamo (Dragonzord)
Dragonzord turns into its Fighting Mode, dashing forward to strike with its drill spear.
Dragon Missile (Tatsuki Arisawa)
Dashing Punch.
Drill Power Slam (Marstorius)
Marstorius charges forward quickly to grab the opponent, then performs a wild spinning slam to the ground. Blockable.
Dynamic Entry (Might Guy)
Flaming horizontal jump kick.
Dynamic Entry (Might Guy)
Guy performs a rushing horizontal jump kick.
EKG Flatliner (Valentine)
Valetine dashes back and forth, cutting with her bonesaw. Each pass through her opponent creates a visual effect similar to an electrocardiograph reading.
Elbow (Ganju Shiba)
Sliding elbow attack.
Engetsuzan (Hollow Ichigo)
Ichigo rushes forward and slashes the foe.
Engetsuzan (Ichigo Kurosaki)
Ichigo rushes forward and slashes the foe.
Evil Shadow Smasher / Jaieken, 邪影拳 (Geese Howard)
Charging blows.
Exploding Punch (Heavyweight)
Burning dash punch ala Burning Knuckle.
Fearful Fist (Mr. Satan)
Quick dashing punch.
Final Justice (Captain America)
Cap rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Final Justice (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Fire Bird (Janne)

Fist of Power (Kano)
Kano's fist glows red, and he performs a sliding punch.
Flame Charge (Blaze)
Rush move
Flaming Fist / Power Fist (Shujinko)
Flaming dashing punch attack.
Flurry Punch (The Flash)
Flash dashes forward and delivers an eleven hit rapid punch that knocks down on the final hit.
Flying Boots / Fly Kick (Sonya Blade)
Rushing jumpkick attack.
Flying Flurry / Flying Fists (Li Mei)
Rushing jump punches
Flying Grayson (Nightwing)
Pole vault kick
Flying Hunter (Orochimaru)
Air combo ending with a air dash attack.
Flying Jinko / Torpedo (Shujinko)
Shujinko stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent with his palms and channeling the full force of his body into the attack.
Flying Kick (Batgirl)
Batgirl detonates a smoke bomb and flings herself straight across the screen.
Flying Kick / Flying Dragon Kick (Liu Kang)
Liu Kang launches forth with foot outstretched.
Flying Ram (Superman)
Supes flies offscreen, then comes back around with a flying punch.
Flying Thunder God / The Superman, Torpedo, Lightning Dash, Electric Fly (Raiden)
Raiden stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent with his palms and channeling the full force of his body into the attack.
Freezing Charge (Chameleon)
Chameleon rushes forward with a low shoulder ram.
Frontal Charge (Doan's Zaku II)

Fumikomi Hyakuretsu Tou / Lunge One Hundred Sword Destruction (Silver Samurai)
Silver Samurai dashes forward whilst still rapidly slashing.
Fury Punch and Escape (Hotaru)
Hotaru slides forward with a yellow-glowing fist and punches the opponent, then slides back to his initial position.
Gamma Charge (Hulk)
Hulk rushes the opponent with a straight-on shoulder charge. After a hit, any direction + @term=anykick@ can redirect the charge for a second hit.
Gekiken / Furious Fist (Shen Woo)
Shen Woo winds up for a wild punch that causes him to spin around from the momentum.
Giga Brute (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Victor delivers three of his ES'd Giga Hammer's.
Godly Charge (Taven)
Flaming shoulder ram.
Golden Bomber (Franco Bash)
Quick forward rush hook, with sparkles.
Gotodan (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin dashes at his opponent. If he connects, he grabs him or her and leaps into the air, then tosses them to the ground before returning to the ground, himself.
Gou Dangai / 豪弾劾 (Grant)
Fierce forward dash attack.
Grand Slider (Cell)

Grapple Hook Strike (Mavado)
Mavado plants his hooks in the ground and flings himself at the opponent.
Grasshopper (Hotaru)
Sideways bicycle kick.
Gregor Samson (Filia)
Samson turns into cockroach and sends Filia flying across the screen.
Grim Slasher (Reapermon)
Reapermon takes a few steps forward whilst wildly slashing, then dashes across the screen with his scythe drawn.
Grind (Cole MacGrath)
Cole uses his electric powers to propel himself forward quickly.
Guren / Crimson (Hakumen)
Hakumen dashes forward and jabs his opponent with the hilt of this sword
Hairball (Filia)
Filia rolls forward as Samson wraps her into a spiked ball.
Head Sliding (Sanae Kochiya)
Slides on her belly a short way.
Head Spin Attack (Duck King)
Duck throws himself forward in a somersault, slamming into the enemy.
Heat Slide (Nitro)
Nitro uses his cybernetic hand to blast fire on the floor, letting him slide forward.
Heavy Pressure (Kamen Rider Strike (Metalgelas))
Strike puts on the Metal Horn gauntlet, then leaps on Metalgelas' head. Metalgelas rushes forward while Strike points the Metal Horn toward his foe.
Heel Press (M. Bison)
Bison leaps to the top of the screen for a Double Knee Press, then drops down with a heel drop.
Heidern End (Heidern)
Enhanced Heidern End
Heidern End (Heidern)
Focusing a blade of energy on his hand, Heidern dashes across the screen to stab his opponent in the gut. They hang suspended for a moment before Heidern exclaims "Go to hell!" and explodes them.
Hellish Slide (Scorpion)
Double-footed slide attack.
Hell's Fang (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna dashes forward with punch
Hermes Dash (Kratos)
Kratos performs a shoulder charge that leaves a flaming trail.
Hook Charge (Lobo)
Lobo slings his chain-hook into the ground (which can hit opponents) and shoulder-charges to its position.
Hot Dog Punch! (Dog S.Y)
Rushing punches.
Hot-Blooded Dynamic Entry (Might Guy)
Guy and Lee simultaneously perform flaming Dynamic Entries.
Hover Assault (MechaGodzilla II)
MechaGodzilla rushes the foe and will perform a lengthy auto-combo on impact.
Hover Assault (Super MechaGodzilla)
MechaGodzilla rushes the foe and will perform a lengthy auto-combo on impact.
Human Cannon Drill (Tanya)
Tanya performs a rushing drill kick.
Hurricane Dash (Majin Buu)
Majin Buu dashes across the screen, leaving a trail of fire that can nullify projectiles and damage foes.
Hurricane Tackle (Black Ranger)
Shoulder rush.
Hydroplane (Rain)
Rain pivots back with his palms up and a short wall of water in front of him, then slides forward and delivers a palm strike. Can be delayed by holding the button, and the move can be canceled by pressing Down twice.
Hyper Changing Star (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent rushes forward with his shield at the forefront and energy at his back. Can absorb incoming super projectiles/beams.
Hyper Charging Star (Captain America)
Cap rushes forward with his shield at the forefront and energy at his back. Can absorb incoming super projectiles / beams.
Hyper Tackle (Brian Battler)
Cross-screen shoulder charge.
Instant Thunder Blade (Minato Namikaze)
Minato rushes behind the foe and strikes them in the back with his kunai.
I've had it! (Soifon)
Duplicate-spawning rush attack.
Jetpack Corkscrew (Sackboy)
Strapping on a jetpack, Sackboy flies toward the enemy. Charging increases distance and damage.
Jigoku Scrape (Sodom)
A rushing attack with the jitte, particulars of the swing change with @term=anypunch@ strength.
Kabal's Deep (Kabal)
Kabal rushes past his opponent with a Nomad Dash, then comes back with a backslide and breaks his opponent's knees. He then runs offscreen and appears behind his opponent, digging his hookswords into their shoulders, and slams them to the ground.
Kahnum Dash (Mileena)
Mileena runs toward the opponent for as long as the Attack 4 button is held, up to a maximum of 4 seconds, and then slides and trips up the opponent at the end of the move. The dash can be canceled for 1 bar of defensive meter by pressing Down twice.
Knee Press Nightmare / Scissors Kick Knightmare (M. Bison)
Bison does a couple multi hit knee presses.
Landslide Smash (Jiro)
Dashing overhead punch. Starting in Battle High 2, his arms are covered in rock during this move.
Lightning Blade (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi rushes forward and strikes with a lightning-engulfed hand.
Lightning Blade: Flash (Kakashi Hatake)
A quick, unchargable, and weaker version of the Lightning Blade.
Lightning Charge (The Flash)
Flash charges through the air to deliver an elbow to the opponent.
Lizard Ball / Rolling Spikes (Reptile)
Reptile curls up into a ball and rolls at the opponent.
Lock n' Load (Cerebella)
Cerebella lunges forward as Vice-Versa cocks back it's arm and performs a straight punch.
Low Grapple Slide (Mavado)
Mavado plants his hooks in the ground and flings himself at the opponent and trips them up.
Low Krawl (Alien)
The alien dashes at the foe on all fours.
Low Shoulder Charge (Motaro)
A Power Charge from the Mount Stance.
Lunging Stab (Deathstroke)
Deathstroke turns his back to the opponent and slides toward them with his sword pointed backward, jamming it into the foe's gut on contact.
Mace Charge (Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl flies up, then loops around to fly into the enemy, mace-first.
Master and Student Rasengan (Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden))
Naruto and Jiraiya simultaneously perform a Rasengan.
Meat Leg Slide (Meat)
Standard slide-kick attack.
Mega Claw (WarGreymon)
WarGreymon spins in a chosen direction to drill with his claws. Can be repeated a second time in any direction.
Mega Punch (Snorlax)
Dashing punch attack.
Mega-Tackle (Android 16)
Android 16 charges with a shoulder tackle. This attack negates projectiles. It also has a random chance of stunning.
Metamo Animal Attack (Cham Cham)
Cham Cham grows to enormous size and charges forward for a big body check.
Mongolian Tiger Flash / 蒙虎覇極道 (J. Carn)

Mount Tackle (Clark Steel)
A multi-purpose replacement for Clark's multitude of running throws, incorporating various options as follow-ups. Unlike his previous running grabs, the mount tackle can be blocked.
Muscle Bomber (Muscle Power)
Fast charging lariat.
Mutant Blades / Blade Charge (Baraka)
Baraka extends his blades and holds his arms parallel to one another, charging forward slightly.
Mysterious Magic (Shang Tsung)
Tsung glows with a green aura, and runs toward the opponent, suddenly disappearing just before reaching them, and reappearing right behind them to strike with a low sliding kick
Nacht Jager / Night Hunter (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing)
Dashes forward with a shoulder tackle
Nacht Rosen / Night Rose (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing)
Forward dash and elbow uppercut
Nature Torpedo (Ashrah)
Spinning horizontal air rush attack.
Neck Slice (X-23)
X-23 rushes in with a swipe of her claws. Can be stun when fully charged.
Never cook! (Sha monk)
Uses his pot as a shield and rushes the opponent.
Pac-Dash (Pac-Man)
Rushes the opponent for a body check. Holding down @term=anykick@ increases the duration and length of the rush. Pressing @term=anypunch@ will cancel the attack.
Phase Charge (Martian Manhunter)
Phasing flying dash punch.
Pinion Dash (Painwheel)
Painwheel dashes along the ground, with blades rotating vertically.
Power Charge / Bull Charge (Motaro)
Motaro charges quickly at his opponent.
Power Hands / Charge Punch (Mokap)
Rushing punch attack.
Power Tackle (Colossus)
Colossus charges across the screen, shoulder-first.
Power Tackle (Colossus)
Colossus rushes toward his opponent and rams them with his shoulder.
Powerful Rolling Arms (Norimaro)
Norimaro moves forward while flailing his arms.
Press the Witness / Break the Witness (Turnabout Mode) (Phoenix Wright)
Phoenix walks forward with documents, studying them, then smacks the opponent with them.
Propel (Motaro)
Motaro launches himself horizontally at the opponent.
Psychic Lunge (Principal)
The Principal rushes forward to hit with a giant psychic fist.
Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
Bison lances forward, bathed in psycho power.
Pummeling (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Speedy many-hit (up to 11) spinning punch rush combo, with uppercut ender.
Rage Trigger (X-23)
X-23 somersaults forward with all claws extended.
Ragin Oni (Moloch)
Moloch charges at his opponent.
Raging Charge (Bane)
Bane rushes the opponent.
Rakan Dantojin (Oni)
Oni slides forward on one foot and strikes the opponent with a Satsui no Hadou-charged palm strike.
Ranzaki Rengeki so no 1 / 蘭崎連撃その1 (Sonozaki Mion)
Dashing hook that chains into a second and third attack.
Rapid Fire Assault (Heavyweight)
Repeated Exploding Punches performed with an arching leap.
Rasengan (Minato Namikaze)
Minato forms a sphere of energy into his hand and rushes forward, striking the foe with it. If charged to full, Minato will first teleport behind the opponent.
Razing Flash (Cyclopsis)
Rush and strike. @term=bbtn@ version can end up bypassing the enemy if performed too close.
Red Dash (Skarlet)
Skarlet runs toward the opponent, leaving behind a blood trail.
Redemption (Batgirl)
Rush into a short auto-combo with knockdown.
Repeating Punch (Rogue)
A rush of punches with an uppercut finish.
Rhino Charge / Shoulder (Nightwolf)
Shadow-trailed shoulder charge.
Rising Repeating Punch (Rogue)
A rush of punches upwards. If done in the air, Rogue rushes downwards instead.
Rising Star / Heel Slide (Quan Chi)
Quan Chi slides forward and popping up the opponent with a kick.
Rocket Boots (Lex Luthor)
Lex uses a jet booster on his back to fly forward and kick the foe.
Rolling Attack (Blanka)
Blanka rolls forward in a ball.
Rolling Fury (Kitana)
Kitana takes a page out of her "sister"'s book and rolls across the ground.
Rolling Hatred (Daegon)
Daegon rolls along the ground and pops up with a flaming uppercut.
Rolling Thunder / Ground Roll, Ball Roll (Mileena)
Mileena curls up into a ball and rolls across the ground, injuring the foe upon impact.
Rotary Tank Rank (Gotengo)
The Gotengo's mast lowers and its rockets blaze, sending it rushing into the opponent with its drill spinning.
Roto Knife (Blade)
Blade slides across the screen whilst spinning a knife in his hand.
Running Man (The Terminator)
Terminator runs toward the opponent for a few seconds, opening up new attack options.
Running Serpent / Elbow Dash (Reptile)
Reptile runs past his opponent, quickly turns around, and elbows them in the back of the head.
Rush Dog (Poppy)
Poppy charges forward for a headbutt.
Rushing Buffalo (Balrog)
Sliding repeated jabs.
Rushing Shoulder (Daegon)
Low flaming shoulder dash attack.
Ryuko Ranbu / 龍虎乱舞, Furious Fandango (Robert Garcia)
Charging autocombo ending with Built Upper.
Sand Slide (Erron Black)
Double-footed slide attack.
Saotome Typhoon (Jin Saotome)
Jin spins wildly across the screen in a huge tornado.
Satanic Saturnalia / Kuroko Ranbu, 黒子乱舞 (Kuroko)
Kuroko's Ryoku Ranbu.
Savage Bypass (Valentine)
Valentine dashes through her foe with a cut from her bonesaw.
Schwarze Panzer / Black Shield (Kain R. Heinlein)
Rushing flame attack. Break applies to @term=3kick@ version only.
Scrape Kick (Baraka)
Baraka slides forward on his blades to deliver a double-footed jump kick.
Sen Shippo / 箭疾歩, Air Spin Jab (Tung Fu Rue)
Forward leaping fist strike.
Shadow Kick / Blazing Nitro Kick (Jade)
A glowing, sliding kick.
Shining Blade Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Shining Thunder Blow (May Lee)
Fast knuckle dash.
Shooting Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Shopping Cart (Frank West)
Frank rushes onto the screen, pushing a shopping cart.
Shoulder Charge (Superman)
Basic rushing shoulder attack.
Shoulder Charge / Charging Spikes (Shao Kahn)
Kahn dashes forward and rams his shoulder into the foe.
Shououken (Sunburned Sakura)
A dash that ends with a multi-hit Dragon Punch. When performed in the air it turns into an air dash that eats projectiles.
Silly Slide (Harley Quinn)
Quick forward movement. Can be canceled with the Tantrum Stance.
Skull Bash (Sareena)
Sareena slides forward with a shadow trail behind her, to deliver an overhead energy punch.
Sky High Claw (Vega)
Vega bounces off the wall and stabs with his claw.
Sky Uppercut (Combusken)
Combusken rushes with his claws skimming the ground, then ends with a Shoryuken.
Slide (Batman)
Sliding kick attack.
Slide (Quan Chi)
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Slide (Reptile)
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Slide (Shang Tsung)
Morph into Reptile and slide forward.
Slide / Cold Slide (Sub-Zero (II))
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Slide / Frosty Slide (Frost)
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Slide Kick (MechaGodzilla)
Uses a booster in his tail to slide across the screen.
Slide Launch (Shang Tsung)
Tsung trips up the opponent with a sliding kick, then kicks them upward.
Sliding Kick (Onaga)
Not really much of a kick, as much as just a slide forward.
Sliding Kick (Sonozaki Mion)
Standard short slide command move.
Smash Bomber (Axel Hawk)
Charging uppercut.
Smasher Lariat / スマッシャーラリアット (Broly)
Running clothesline.
Smashing Roll (Mileena)
A curled-up Mileena leaps slightly before performing a longer, faster Ball Roll.
Sorcery Rush (Shang Tsung)
Magical sliding attack.
Speed of Light (Taven)
Taven dashes very quickly to his opponent and delivers a three-hit punch auto-combo.
Speed Zone (The Flash)
The Flash rushes forward to hit the opponent, then runs around the world to deliver a particularly nasty uppercut, and then leaps up and spikes the foe back to the ground.
Speeding Bullet / Flying Punch (Superman)
Quick flying punch across the screen.
Speedy Serpent (Chameleon)
Chameleon runs past his opponent, quickly turns around, and elbows them in the back of the head.
Steam Roller (Blaze)
Blaze rolls up into a ball and quickly dashes across the screen.
Stinger (Green Arrow)
Quick ground slide.
Strength of Hercules (Shazam)
Rushing lightning punch.
Sumo Headbutt / Super Zutsuki, スーパー頭突き (E. Honda)
E. Honda rockets towards the opponent, head first.
Super Elbow Smash (Goku)
Goku rushes forward to strike with his elbow.
Super Satanic Saturnalia / Kuroko Great Ranbu, 黒子大乱舞 (Kuroko)
A longer Ryoko Ranbu, Kuroko has to pause for a breather halfway through the beating.
Super Uppercut (The Flash)
Flash dashes back, then forward, popping up the foe with an uppercut.
Surprise Slide (The Joker)
Joker slides out from the green cloud on his back, tripping up the opponent.
Suzumebachi (Soifon)
Soifon rushes her foe and affixes a large butterfly-esque mark below them. A second performing of the Suzumebachi removes the mark and massively damages the foe.
Switch to Z'Gok & Attack (Char's Zaku)

Target Practice (Darrius)
Sidestep followed by Chest Cruncher.
Tekkoukyaku / 徹甲脚 (Akatsuki)
Akatsuki propels forforward with some mid-air kicks.
The Birdie (Birdie)
Repeated Bull Heads.
This Fairy Tale is For Real!! (Sakura Haruno)
A transparent image of Sakura's innermost rage ("Inner Sakura") appears on the screen as Sakura rushes toward the opponent with a punch, and follows up with a kick.
Tiger Genocide (Sagat)
A tiger knee with tiger uppercuts on the end.
Timed Uppercut (Balrog)
Balrog slides forward with an uppercut. A number appears above his head briefly during this move, indicating the power of the move; charging the move longer makes the attack stronger and the slide longer.
Titanic Crush (Thanos)
Forward head charge.
Tornado Charge (Minotaur)
The Minotaur gets down in the three-point stance, then rushes the foe.
Triple Crush (Videl)
Videl delivers two spinning kicks, followed by a flip kick.
Triple Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Tsunami Sabre / Nikkaku Ratoh, ニッ角羅刀 (Jubei Yagyu)
A shoulder charge followed by rising slash.
Turbine Smash (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern conjures a construct of a jet turbine and uses it as a battering ram.
Turbo Bike Kick (Liu Kang)
A faster Bicycle Kick with a red shadow trail.
Turn Punch (Balrog)
Balrog turns and punches out straight. Damage increases as long as buttons are held.
Ultimate Entry (The Green Beast)
Naruto performs a rushing vertical jump kick.
Ultra Giant Rasengan (Jiraiya)
Standard version: Jiraya creates a giant ball of Chakra and dashes forward, slamming it into the foe. Chargeable.

Level 1+ version: Jiraya transforms into his Sage Mode, leaps into the air, and creates a massive Rasengan and crashes it into the foe.

Ultra Variety Private Memories (Norimaro)
Norimaro rushes forward to beat the opponent. During the combo, he flashes through various memories of his life, including cosplaying as Mega Man, being bit on the ass by a dog, and singing karaoke. The hacked Norimaro in the Western versions only does 19 hits while the Japanese version does 21, as two frames showing Norimaro in a pink bathtub were removed.
Venom (Doomsday)
Short-range shoulder charge.
Violence Hold (Android 17)

Violence Hold (Android 18)

V-MAX (Syoh)
A quick rush followed by an autocombo (Syoh seems to be the only character in Battle Master with a Desperation).
War Banner Charge (Baraka)
Baraka grabs a planted War Banner charges forward with it, then replants it. Can be delayed by holding the button, or canceled by pressing Down twice.
Water Style: Ripping Torrent (Yamato)
Yamato charges up a ball of water, then thrusts forward and attacks with a horizontal spiral of water.
We Live (Noob-Smoke)
Smoke appears, and both he and Saibot perform a sliding jab simultaneously. Smoke then retreats.
Weapon X Prime (X-23)
X-23 rushes in starts off with a series of slashes. She then finishes off with a two diving attacks, making an X-shaped formation.
Wild Ripper (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket charges forward with his knife.
Yellow Rush (Minato Namikaze)
Minato's primary attack is a speedy dash with yellow trails behind him, followed by a kunai strike.
Yoruho'o / Night Phoenix (Might Guy)
Guy catches on fire with a bird (phoenix, based on the name) shape and rushes the foe.
Young Lightning / Chidori (ANBU Kakashi)
Kakashi covers his hand in lightning and rushes forward, striking the foe with it.
Zanei (Gen)
Gen passes through his foe, after which they incur unseen damage.
Zan-ei Ken / 斬影拳, Shadow Slice (Andy Bogard)
Andy dashes at his foe, elbow first.

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