Kira Movelist

Kira throws her daggers into her opponent's feet, then struts toward them. When she gets close, she pulls the opponent's torso off.

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Fatal Moves
Mortal Kombat: Deception (far)
Mortal Kombat: Unchained (far)
Similar Moves
Crossroads Cut (Jade)
Jade run past her opponent and strikes them with her staff. She stops a short distance on the other side of them and looks back, as the foe's torsos seperate.
Deep Freeze (Frost)
Frost freezes her opponent solid and kicks them, shattering their top torso. In Unchained, the opponent's entire body shatters instead.
Eye Lasers (Jarek)
Jarek fires beams from his eyes which slice the opponent's head and then torso off.
Hat Split (Kung Lao)
Lao uses the razor brim of his hat to slice his foe vertically.
Hook Slice (Kabal)
Kabal kicks his opponent into the air and cuts them in half at the waist with his hooksword, as they come back down.
Iai Giri / Quick Slash (Bishamon)
A lengthy swipe of his blade. @term=anypunch@ swings high, @term=anykick@ swings low.
Kutting Kiss (Sonya Blade)
Sonya blows on her open palm, causing a purplish energy ball to appear and cut her opponent in half.
Razor's Edge (Kung Lao)
Lao kicks the opponent onto their back, then tosses his spinning hat to the ground. He grabs the foe by the legs and drags them crotch-first through the hat, triumphantly holding up their split halves afterward.
Scissor Split (Sonya Blade)
Sonya grabs her opponent with her legs and lifts them up, then tears them in half.
Sever Laser (Hsu Hao)
Hsu Hao fires his laser at the opponent's waist, burning their top torso off. The opponent's top half crawls away backwards on their hands briefly before losing consciousness/life due to blood loss.
Stretch Buster (Dairou)
Dairou grabs his opponent's arms from behind and plants his foot in their back while lowering them to the ground. He pulls on the arms while simultaneously pushing forward with his foot, causing their top half to explode.
Telekinetic Rip (Ermac)
Ermac lifts his foe into the air with his body and curls their body into a ball before stretching them out and pulling them apart.
Telekinetic Stretch (Kenshi)
Kenshi slowly lifts his opponent telekinetically, then pulls his hands away from one another, tearing the opponent in two.
The Blind Samurai (Kenshi)
Kenshi thrusts his sword into the opponent, then pulls it out and slashes them across the torso. As they fall to the ground, their torso splits.
Togakubi Sarashi (Oboro Bishamon)
Bishamon quickly slices his foe in two. If you finish the match with this, their torso is left displayed on a table.
Togakubi Sarashi / Soul Torment (Bishamon)
Bishamon quickly slices his foe in two. If you finish the match with this, their torso is left displayed on a table.
Tortured Gladiator (Maximus)
Two Roman-styled columns rise up from the ground on either side of the opponent, his or her arms invisibly bonded to them. Maximus then approaches his foe and slashes them in half, their bottom torso flying off as their top torso hangs from the columns and bleeds.

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