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Triple spin-kick

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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Mortal Kombat: Unchained
Similar Moves
5-Star Kick (Sareena)
Sareena slides forward and reaches out with her leg, proceeding to kick the foe five times if she connects.
Arataz Evid (Zatanna)
A dive kick that turns into multiple if it hits.
Bicycle Kick (Sonya Blade)
Sonya performs an upward kicking flurry.
Bicycle Kick / Bike Kicks (Shujinko)
Shujinko launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Bicycle Kick / Flying Bicycle Kick (Liu Kang)
Liu launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
Feesa (Rin Oyama)
Rin unleashes a barrage of lightning-fast kicks. (Changed Stance) Rin performs a diagonally upward moving kick
Fury Kick (Combusken)
Hits up to 10 times.
Geneikyaku / 幻影脚, The Great Spirit Kick (Robert Garcia)
Robert kicks rapidly, if he strikes, he kicks a lot more before knocking his opponent away.
Grasshopper (Hotaru)
Sideways bicycle kick.
Illusion Kick (Zeno)
Rapid kicks.
Infinity Leg (Shadow Lady)
A rapid series of blurred kicks.
Itlum Kcik (Zatanna)
Zatanna kicks twice, then turns and kicks a third time.
Multiple Kicks / Chain Kick (Jang Fei)
Multiple kicks the make use of the body weight plus energy concentrated on both legs. Similar to Multiple Palms.
Neko Kick (Wolvan)
Rapid backwards kicks.
Pretty Kick (Kitana)
Turning kick attack.
Raijin Ashi / 雷神脚 (Ranmaru)
Hovering rapid kicks. Air version doesn't affect trajectory in any way.
Savage Combo (Android 17)

Savage Combo (Android 18)

Turbo Bike Kick (Liu Kang)
A faster Bicycle Kick with a red shadow trail.
Whirlwind Kicks (Kung Lao)
Turning air kick attack.

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