Kabal Movelist

Kabal kicks the opponent, which causes them to spin. He then slices through them vertically with a hooksword, causing them to slice apart into many pieces.

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Fatal Moves
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Mortal Kombat: Unchained
Similar Moves
Aurora Salute / Aurora Salt, Aurora Sault (Epon)
Epon strikes with a side flipping kick
Back Whirlwind (Chuji Wu)
Chuji performs a spinning backhand. His back will face his opponent after performing the move.
Cere-copter (Cerebella)
Cerebella leans forward as Vice-Versa spins.
Cestemus Doctrine (Astaroth)
Astaroth's fist glows, and he grabs the foe, slamming to the ground. He then sticks his axe into them, spinning both the enemy and the weapon, before sending them spinning off.
Dead Rising (Frank West)
Frank grabs the opponent and spins them with a Fireman's Carry, then tosses them up in the air. As they come back down, he smacks them with a Grand Slam that sends them flying off into the distance.
Death Spiral (Epon)
Roundhouse, uppercut, cartwheel
Demon Cradle (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri rises with arms folded. If done while dashing, it comes out at a 45 degree angle.
Giant Swing (Frank West)
In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Frank grabs the foe by the legs and spins them around before throwing them.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Frank is attacked by a zombie, then grabs the zombie by the legs and spins him around before throwing him at the opponent.

Giant Swing (Muscle Power)
A standard command throw in WH2, in 2J it becomes a formidable anti-air-only grab.
Gigantic Cyclone (Krauser)
Krauser traps the opponent in a whirlwind generated by his virile spinning clothesline.
Hairball (Filia)
Filia rolls forward as Samson wraps her into a spiked ball.
Hurricane Drop (Erick)
Erick grabs with his horns and spins into the sky, coming back down shortly after the opponent and impaling their belly.
Ionic Vortex (Cole MacGrath)
Cole sends his foe spinning and shocking through the air with a giant electric tornado.
Merry Go-Rilla (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa reaches out its arm to grab an opponent. Using the opponent as an axle, Cerebella spins around her opponent and before slamming her to the ground. This move has greater range than her other throws but will whiff if the opponent is under the minimum range requirement.
Negative Stolen (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri grabs his foe, spins up into the air and slams them to the floor.
Raging Flash / Nomad Dash (Kabal)
Kabal dashes at the opponent and leaves them spinning in place.
Reverse Spinning Space Kick (Chuji Wu)

Rock 'n Roll Circus (Kuma (II))
Kuma grabs his opponent and tumbles back, juggling them in the air, before sending them off.
Screw Izuna Drop / スクリューイズナ落とし (Syoh)
Spinning ninja piledriver.
Sentimental Typhoon (B.B. Hood)
She spins with her opponent in a giant typhoon.
Snowball (Bad Mr. Frosty)
Bad Mr. Frosty transform his body into a spherical shape and rolls towards his opponent.
Spin Cycle (Ashrah)
Ashrah spins around, launching the enemy if she is touched.
Spin Cycle (Lobo)
Lobo snatches the foe out of the air and swings them around before tossing them.
Spinning Piledriver / Screw Piledriver (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief's signature spinning piledriver.
Spinning Piledriver / Screw Piledriver (Zangief)
Zangief's signature spinning piledriver.
Spinning Space Kick (Chuji Wu)
Chuji Wu does a blackflip, kicking his opponent in the process.
Swirling Dance of the Demon / 回天曲舞 (Kyoshiro Senryo)
Kyoshiro makes a highly vertical and slightly forward leap while twirling his blade.
Tornado Breaker (Muscle Power)

Tornado Pilebuster (Watts)
Totally not a Spinning Piledriver (it is actually).
Vector Drain (Morrigan Aensland)
Jets upward with her opponent, then spiral-slams them into the ground.
Wheel Kick (Abel)
Abel spins forward with a heel kick.

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