Kai peforms an upside-down spin kick.


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Similar Moves
Blade Cyclone / Blade Spin (Baraka)
Spinning blade attack.
Blade Spin (Alien)
Two turning arm-blade strikes followed by a tail swipe. Hits high, mid, and low in turn.
Break'n (Kuma (II))
Kuma curls up on his back and spins toward the opponent.
Cyclone Leaves (XarsTul)
Spinning jumpkick.
Double Arm (Vagnad)
Double turning backhand.
Double Lariat (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief spins in place with arms extended. Can be moved via joystick during execution. Kick version is faster with more vulnerability.
Double Lariat (Zangief)
Zangief spins in place with arms extended. Gief has mid-body invulnerability while spinning, meaning most projectiles pass through. Starting in Champion Edition, can move left/right during execution. Kick version, if available, is usually faster with more vulnerability.
Dragon Cyclone (Villi)
Spinning jump kick.
Gusting Cyclone (Fujin)
Fujin spins around and sucks the opponent in with a whirlwind that surrounds him.
Haru Ichiban (Sunburned Sakura)
A vertically ascending Shunpu Kyaku that juggles the foe upward, followed by a overhead spike to the ground.
Head Drill (M. Bison)
Bison performs a Head Press and continues spinning on top of the opponent's head.
Headspin Attack (Donatello)
Donatello flips onto his head, legs extended in a split position, and spins toward his foe.
Hip Attack (Pac-Man)
Spins around and drops straight down to attack with the Moku-mecha's butt.
Hurricane Saber (Body)
Spinning attack with controllable movement.
Kaiten Ashi / 回転脚 (Chan)
Inverted Spinning Bird Kick.
Low Slapstick Swing (Toro)
Toro spins and beats about the opponent's legs with a paper fan. Both characters fall down.
Manji Virtue and Influence (Yoshimitsu)
Yoshimitsu does a sitting, spinning slash until he is in the air, after which his mask opens, and he knocks his scabbard to the end of his katana handle, blinding and damaging the foe with a bright green light.
Mario Tornado (Mario)
Engulf opponents in a high-speed spin. Tap B while attacking to float up.
Ninpo Furin Kazah / 忍法風輪華斬 (Fuuma)
Becomes a human pinwheel and flies forward horizontally. Fuuma's wild and undisciplined nature causes him to shake up and down as well.
Ninpo Koh Rin Kazan / 忍法光輪渦斬 (Hanzou)
Hanzou becomes a human pinwheel and flies through the air horizontally.
Rising Sun (Kazuya Mishima)
Leaping spinkick with follow-up options if the @term=3kick@ or EX version is used. Additional kicks are also supplied depending on button strength.
Rising Sun (Kuro)
Leaping spinkick with follow-up options if the @term=3kick@ or EX version is used. Additional kicks are also supplied depending on button strength.
Rolling Cutter / Endless Screw (Leonardo)
Leonardo stretches his arms out (SNES) or crosses his arms (Genesis), and spins toward the opponent, his katana in each hand.
Rolling Drop Kick (Warren)
Warren leaps to the top of the screen, then slowly descends whilst performing a spinning drop kick on the way down (said in the manual to be a "Jumping Sabut [sic]")
Severe Leaf Hurricane (Might Guy)
Guy's 2-hit leaping spin kick with tornado effect.
Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu)
A Tatsumaki Senpukyaku with massive reach, accompanied by extreme tornado and lightning effects.
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu)
Extended Tatsumaki, with some games displaying the ability to draw the foe in.
Shunpu Kyaku (Sunburned Sakura)
Sakura leaps in an arc with a turning kick. Arc height is determined by button strength.
Siberian Blizzard (Mecha Zangief)
Vertically ascending Double Lariat.
Siberian Blizzard (Zangief)
Vertically ascending Double Lariat.
Spin Attack (Aska)
Aska spins toward her foe with her kunai out.
Spin Cycle (Ashrah)
Ashrah spins around, launching the enemy if she is touched.
Spin Kick (B. Dosa)
An orthodox hurricane kick.
Spin Shit-Kick (DungMan)
Spinning poop jump kick.
Spinkicks / Funky Spinkicks (Cyrax)
Twirling kick attack, like a standing Tatsumakisenpuukyaku.
Spinning Axe (Black Ranger)
Spins in a circle with his axe.
Spinning Bird Kick (Chun-Li Ranger)
Upside-down spread-leg hurricane kick.
Spinning Bird Kick (Chun-Li)
Legs extended and hovering upside-down, Chun Li whirls at her opponent.
Spinning Demon (Kazuya Mishima)
Low spin kick. Can be repeated a second time.
Spinning Phoenix (Chun-Li Ranger)
Longer Spinning Bird Kick that knocks back, then ends with a Shouheki Hanchou Kyaku.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Ryu Ranger)
Ansatsuken's traditional forward-moving spin kick.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Toro)
Toro's hurricane kick. Takes on Shinkuu properties when EX'd.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku / Hurricane Kick, 竜巻旋風脚 (Ken Masters)
Ken rotates forward with foot outstretched.
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku / Hurricane Kick, 竜巻旋風脚 (Ryu)
A forward moving hurricane kick.
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (Oni)
Oni's spinning hurricane kick.
Tatsumaki Zankukyaku / 竜巻斬空脚 (Akuma)
A airborne forward moving hurricane kick.
Tetsu No Tsume / 鉄の爪, Iron Talon Slice (Lee Pai Long)
Lee rotates rapidly with claws outstretched.
Tornado Cutter (Gohan (Teen))
Gohan, holding a sword in each hand, spins around at high speeds. The pressing any direction will control Gohan's position during the attack.
Torso Spin (Havik)
Spinning lariat move, although Havik's bottom torso remains stationary.
Triple Crush (Videl)
Videl delivers two spinning kicks, followed by a flip kick.
Vacuum Whirlwind (Kung Lao)
Lao spins fasts enough to draw the opponent toward him, slicing them up.
Whirlwind / Spin (Kung Lao)
Lao places his hands in a praying position, and he spins like a top. Opponent contact with Lao during this move is equivalent to being struck with an uppercut.
Wonderous Spin (Wonder Woman)
Awkward-looking hurricane kick.
Wood Pillar Spin Kick (Yamato)
Yamato kicks his foe into the air whilst a long wooden spike grows out of the ground. He then swings around and up the spike to continue kicking the foe.

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