Cyrax Movelist

Cyrax dashes through the air diagonally upward.

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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat 3
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Mortal Kombat Gold
Mortal Kombat (2011)
Cyrax automatically performs the "Air Fling" attack from previous games.
Similar Moves
After-Image (Foot Ninja)
The Foot Ninja quickly dashes forward, leaving a shadowy image of himself behind where he once was.
Air Dash (Blackheart)

Air Dash (Hsien-Ko)
Hsien-Ko runs on thin air.
Air Dash (Huitzil)

Air Dash (Jedah)
Jedah glides forward, angled slightly down (he has no backwards airdash). The dash itself has an attack hitbox.
Air Dash (Killer Frost)
Killer Frost is capable of gliding through the sky.
Air Dash (Martian Manhunter)
Manhunter can dash whilst airborne.
Air Dash (Q-Bee)
Q-Bee's air dash homes in on the opponent, wherever they may be (forward dash only).
Air Dash (Superman)
Superman is capable of gliding through the sky.
Air Dash (Wonder Woman)
Wonder Woman can dash through the air.
Backflip (Captain America)
A quick cartwheel through projectiles (and enemies)
Backflip (Donatello)
Donatello performs a handspring backflip in an effort to evade his foe.
Backflip (Leonardo)
Leonardo performs a handspring backflip in an effort to evade his foe.
Backflip (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo performs a handspring backflip in an effort to evade his foe.
Backflip (Raphael)
Raphael performs a handspring backflip in an effort to evade his foe.
Backflip (U.S. Agent)
A quick cartwheel through projectiles (and enemies).
Backslash (Vega)
Evading backflip. When available, Kick version is shorter.
Barrel Roll (Frank West)
Frank performs a quick roll.
Bat Evade (Batgirl)
Backward leaping somersault with massive airtime.
Blazing Dash (Heavyweight)
Heavyweight turns grayscale and dashes forward whilst ducking slightly.
Blink (Silver Samurai)
Silver Samurai teleports away briefly, then reappears in the same spot.
Burrow (Gotengo)
The Gotengo drills into the ground, hiding from enemy attacks as long as the @term=abtn@ is held. Gotengo will pop back up when either the button is released or after a few seconds, and whilst underground, can move left or right to position for the resurfacing strike.
Change Sides Hook (Mavado)
Quick 3D movement using hooks.
Cloak of Avoidance (Daegon)
Daegon pivots to avoid attacks, then rushes forward with a flaming punch.
Corpse (Bryan)
Bryan lays low, literally.
Dance-nosedive (Spiral)
Spiral poses and then drops straight down from the air very quickly. In Children of the Atom, she first glows white briefly.
Dragon Tongue / Escape Grapple (Mavado)
Quick backwards movement with hooks.
Ducking (Steve Fox)
Extremely fast forward movement while ducking; opens up new punch options during movement.
Evade (Gotengo)
The Gotengo banks into the background, dodging attacks. It can move until it realigns but cannot attack.
Evasive Manuever (Lex Luthor)
Lex lifts up a foot and fires off his rocket boots, sending him backward and potentially out of harm's way.
Feline Evade (Catwoman)
Catwoman leans back to dodge high attacks and projectiles. If @term=up@ is tapped at the end of the command sequence, she will instead hop slightly, dodging low attacks and projectiles.
Feral Crouch (Kuma (II))
Kuma briefly drops down onto his belly.
Flesh Raiser / Niku Mochiage, 肉持ち上げ (Kusare Gedo)
Gedo lifts up his gut and slides forward, evading low and mid attacks.
Flicker (Krillin)
Krillin jumps forward and rolls. He can move past his enemy and avoid attacks with this maneuver.
Full Moon Fever (Rick Strowd)
Rick bobs and weaves, immune to everything but throws.
Ji Name Suberi / 地舐め滑り (Shikyoh)
Shikyoh crawls across the ground quickly. An evasive maneuver that will travel through the opponent.
Kouten Chousatsu (Dan Hibiki)
Dan rolls backward, then stops and performs the Shagami Chousatsu.
Kuuchuu Dash / Air Dash (War Machine)
War Machine uses his thrusters to propel through the air in any direction.
Mace Charge (Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl flies up, then loops around to fly into the enemy, mace-first.
Mist Step (Kazuya Mishima)
Crouching dash with follow-up options.
Mist Step (Kuro)
Crouching dash with follow-up options.
Nine Lives (Catwoman)
Catwoman performs a backflip, avoiding projectiles.
Oumagatoki (Angel)
Evasive spin.
Peekaboo (Steve Fox)
Steve crouches a bit with his hands up, changing up his punch options. Steve can move forward slowly in this stance but cannot move backward or jump. This stance remains until canceled (by ducking or any attack buttons other than punch).
Quick Escape (Nitara)
Nitara flaps her wings, pushing her backward and away from her foe.
Quick Spin (Steve Fox)
Steve spins around, dodging attacks and opening new attack possibilities.
Quick Tricks (Hotaru)
Hotaru dashes forward with his hand glowing yellow as if to perform the Fury Punch and Escape, but instead slides behind them.
Red Air (Omega Red)
Omega Red performs a dashing maneuver in the air.
Shake (Smoke)
Smoke poses and his body quivers, rendering him immune to projectiles.
Smoke Away (Smoke)
Smoke turns into a cloud of smoke and moves away from the opponent.
Smoke Towards (Smoke)
Smoke turns into a cloud of smoke and moves toward the opponent.
Somersault (Harley Quinn)
A short ground roll.
Speed Dodge (The Flash)
Flash fazes around most projectiles and basic attacks.
Super Uppercut (The Flash)
Flash dashes back, then forward, popping up the foe with an uppercut.
Sway Back (Shura Nai Khanomtom)
Shura is the first Hero to sport a backdash.
Target Practice (Darrius)
Sidestep followed by Chest Cruncher.
Tech Teleport (Spiral)
Spiral's Tech Hit is to teleport out of the way.
Turn Punch (Balrog)
Balrog turns and punches out straight. Damage increases as long as buttons are held.
Waving Step (Franco Bash)
Bash ducks and weaves across the screen, passing through the opponent.
Weaving A (Steve Fox)
Steve dodges away from the screen.
Weaving B (Steve Fox)
Steve dodges toward the screen. Opens up further attack possibilities.
Wing Evade (Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl flaps her wings and hops backward.
Yoke (Cody Travers)
In V-ism, Cody will automatically dodge into the background and avoid some attacks completely, instead of blocking normally.
Zanku Hadousho (Oni)
Oni uses a pulse of Satsui no Hadou to move around in the air.

@term=1punch@ travels quickly forward but does not do damge.
@term=2punch@ only bounces Oni slightly straight up on a straight jump, but bounces him in the direction he's already moving if jumping forward or backward. This can damage and also is possible to follow with a Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.
@term=3punch@ travels quickly backward and is capable of damaging.

Zenten Chouhatsu (Dan Hibiki)
Dan rolls forward, then stops and performs the Shagami Chouhatsu.

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