Kano Movelist

Kano performs a cannonball attack that bounces all around the stage.

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Special Moves
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Similar Moves
As They Say (Dampierre)
Three hit ground roll.
Atomic Phobos (Zeno)
Rolling ball attack.
Backstep Roll (Blanka)
Blanka hops back, then rolls forward in a rainbow arc.
Bed-O-Nails (Armadon)
Armadon balls up like a porcupine with spikes sticking out of him.
Big Ball of Violence (Peacock)
Peacock and her foe become shrouded in a cloud of dust, with limbs flailing about.
Black Dragon Ball (Kira)
Kira rolls into a ball, launching herself at the opponent.
BOMBBOMB Rolling (Jian)
Ball attack in an arc.
Cannonball (Jarek)
Jarek rolls into a ball, launching himself at the opponent.
Cannonball (Noob Saibot)
Saibot rolls into a ball, launching himself at the opponent.
Cannonball / Black Dragon Ball, Kano Ball, Ball (Kano)
Kano rolls into a ball, launching himself at the opponent.
Devourer of God (Lizardman)
Aeon rolls forward in a ball, striking the foe several times, before sprouting wings to take to the skies and breathe fire on the downed enemy.
Dino Launcher (Triceraton)
The Triceraton rolls into a ball and launches himself up past the top of the screen, and comes back down in his foe's direction.
Dino Roller (Triceraton)
The Triceraton rolls up onto a ball and launches himself at the opponent.
Diving Roller (Baraki)
Baraki does his best Blanka impression and hurdles across the screen in a ball. Charging longer increases speed slightly.
Dynamite Bomber (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo rolls at his opponent in the air, striking them upon contact with his body.
Fat Chainsaw (Earthquake)
Earthquake vanishes, then reappears as a ball of rolling slashing fury.
Gohten / 轟天 (Gozu)
Rolling claw attack that arcs upwards into the air.
Gohten / 轟天 (Mezu)
Rising spinning claw attack.
Hagan Geki / 破岩激, Bone Crusher Blast (Cheng Shinzan)

Hairball (Filia)
Filia rolls forward as Samson wraps her into a spiked ball.
Head Spin Attack (Duck King)
Duck throws himself forward in a somersault, slamming into the enemy.
Jet Rolling (Joey)
Tucks into a ball and rolls forward quickly (ala Blanka).
Knockbound / ノックバウンド (Siemens)
Available in horizontal and vertical versions. Poor Siemens only gets one move.
Kouten Chousatsu (Dan Hibiki)
Dan rolls backward, then stops and performs the Shagami Chousatsu.
Lightning Cannonball (Blanka)
Ground Shave Roll + Electricity
Lizard Ball / Rolling Spikes (Reptile)
Reptile curls up into a ball and rolls at the opponent.
Mekong Delta Attack (Rolento)
A hop backwards, if @term=anypunch@ is pressed just before landing Rolento will quickly roll forwards to attack.
Mongolian Pangolin / 蒙虎穿山甲, Mongolian Blitz (J. Carn)
In WH2J, Carn takes off at a 45 degree angle and rebounds off walls and floor at similar angles. In Perfect, travels in a stunted arc-shape and hits several times. A pangolin is an anteater-like animal which curls into a ball.
Mudoh Tenrinsou / 無道転輪爪 (Gozu)
Descending spinning claw attack from the wall.
Mudoh Tenrinsou / 無道転輪爪 (Mezu)
Bounce off the wall into rolling claw attack.
Mystic Smash (Shuma-Gorath)
Shuma turns into a ball with spikes and bounces forward, doing several hits.
n to infinity (Arakune)
Arakune morphs into a large sphere with a eye at the center. He will randomly teleport and fly around the screen. Coming into contact with him will destroy barrier blocks and break normal blocks. Touching him without guarding spells instant death.
Psycho Cannon (M. Bison)
Bison gathers an orb of energy in his open palm before slapping it at the enemy. Hold @term=anypunch@ to build strength.
Replica Dog (Poppy)
Poppy teleports above her foe and drops down with a rolling slash.
Roll Bounce (Hun)
Hun curls up into a ball and descends sharply in the nearest foe's direction.
Roll Bounce (Monster)
Monster curls up into a ball and descends sharply in the nearest foe's direction.
Rolling Attack (Blanka)
Blanka rolls forward in a ball.
Rolling Bear (Kuma (II))
Kuma rolls forward.
Rolling Buckler (Felicia)
A roll attack, becoming a rising claw when @term=anypunch@ is pressed again.
Rolling Fury (Kitana)
Kitana takes a page out of her "sister"'s book and rolls across the ground.
Rolling Hatred (Daegon)
Daegon rolls along the ground and pops up with a flaming uppercut.
Rolling Scratch (Felicia)
A bouncing roll forward, Felicia can uncurl and multi-scratch if @term=anypunch@ is pressed on contact with the enemy.
Rolling Squirrel (Dark Man)
Tucked into a ball, rolls forward a bit, then rises and loops around full circle in mid-air.
Rolling Thunder / Ground Roll, Ball Roll (Mileena)
Mileena curls up into a ball and rolls across the ground, injuring the foe upon impact.
Rollout (Snorlax)

Screw Attack (Samus)
Samus curls into a ball and initiates a spinning jump.
Slaughterhouse Tumble / 肉転突き, Nikuten Tsuki (Gen-an Shiranui)
Gen-an rolls towards his opponent slashing, and rebounds on impact.
Smashing Roll (Mileena)
A curled-up Mileena leaps slightly before performing a longer, faster Ball Roll.
Snowball (Bad Mr. Frosty)
Bad Mr. Frosty transform his body into a spherical shape and rolls towards his opponent.
Spin Attack (Clown)

Spin Blade (Gohan (Teen))
Gohan leaps in air and slashes upward. He then rolls in forward, blade extended and slashes his foe like a buzzsaw.
Spin Blade (Trunks)
Trunks leaps in air and slashes upward. He then rolls in forward, blade extended and slashes his foe like a buzzsaw.
Spin Drop (Clown)

Steam Roller (Blaze)
Blaze rolls up into a ball and quickly dashes across the screen.
Straight Blast (Dark Man)
Rolls full screen in a ball, unlike Rolling Squirrel.
Swirling Bash (Indian Joe)
A rolling body attack.
Sword Flip (Deathstroke)
Deathstroke curls into a ball with his sword out, leaping toward the opponent and giving an extra strike upon landing for good measure.
Tathāgata (Hiruko)
Diagonal rolling dive
Tiger Rush (Syu Ju)
Rusing forward to bump into enemy can be a terrible feat.
Tumbleworm (Earthworm Jim)
Jim jumps rolling in fetus pose like a ball, lands with his worm head and performs a kick, and jumps back with a little roll. This move can avoid normal projectiles and makes 4 hits in the air.
Vertical Cannonball (Jarek)
Jarek performs a diagonally vertical cannonball attack.
Vertical Cannonball / Up Ball, Kano Up Ball (Kano)
Kano performs a diagonally vertical cannonball attack.
Vertical Roll / Vertical Rolling (Blanka)
Blanka rolls up into the air at an angle.
War Dynamic (War)
War surrounds himself with a sphere of light and launches himself, bouncing against the edges of the screen a couple of times.
Windschutz (Variation 2) / Windbreak, ヴィントシュートス(バリエーション2) (Walkyrie)

Windschutz (Variation 3) / Windbreak, ヴィントシュートス(バリエーション3) (Walkyrie)

Wormball (Earthworm Jim)
Jim's powersuit inflates until converts it into a ball and then spinning forward. If hits, Jim deflates and jumps back, if it's blocked or not connects, Jim deflates and stay in its place, leaving open for being hitted.
Zenten Chouhatsu (Dan Hibiki)
Dan rolls forward, then stops and performs the Shagami Chouhatsu.

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