Sentinel Movelist

Sentinel summons three miniature Sentinels that fly across the screen to attack. Traditionally, the Light version is vertically controllable, whereas the Hard version has mini-Sentinels that drop bombs, and can be delayed by holding the button.

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Special Moves
X-Men: Children of the Atom
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Similar Moves
"M-Maya!?' (Phoenix Wright)
Maya rushes onto the screen. @term=latk@ has her absorbing projectiles with a magical barrier, whereas @term=matk@ and @term=hatk@ have her tripping and sliding across the screen.
Armed Birdy (Sabretooth)
Sabretooth summons Birdy who fires some shots at the enemy.
Cerebeast (Kamen Rider Strike (Cerebeast))
Strike summons Cerebeast, and it breathes fumes that stun and damage the foe.
C'mon, Bonnie! (Ganju Shiba)
Ganju whistles and summons his pet boar (Bonnie), who dashes across the screen. Bonnie is capable of damaging Ganju as well as the foe.
Commando Strike: Ginzu (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Ginzu (Sho) the Ninja Commando, who drops out of the air with a sword slash.
Commando Strike: Hoover (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Baby Head (Hoover) the Baby Commando, who launches a missile from his armored suit.
Commando Strike: Mack (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Mack the Knife (Jennety) the Mummy Commando. He spins across the sky in a downwards arc.
Dead Soul Jutsu (Kabuto Yakushi)
Kabuto summons a zombie ANBU member, which lurches forward for a sword uppercut, then falls and disappears back into the ground.
Evildiver (Kamen Rider Sting)
Sting summons Evildiver to fly around the arena and occasionally crash into the foe.
Evildiver (Kamen Rider Strike (Evildiver))
Strike summons Evildiver to fly around the arena and occasionally crash into the foe.
Formation A (Strider Hiryu)
Strider summons a mecha-panther. In MVC2, @term=1kick@ summons the panther while @term=3kick@ summons his bird.
Formation C (Strider Hiryu)
A mecha-bird drops a bomb close, midrange, or far, depending on kick strength.
Get 'em Missile! (Phoenix Wright)
Missile the dog runs onscreen and rushes the foe.
Hammer Throw (Frank West)
A zombie attempts to attack Frank, and he Irish Whips the corpse at the opponent. @term=hatk@ version causes the zombie to latch onto the foe.
Metalgelas (Kamen Rider Strike (Metalgelas))
Strike summons Metalgelas to fight alongside him for a brief period.
Ninja Hound Summoning (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi summons his Ninja Hound, which attacks the opponent with a launching upward strike, followed by a leaping upward strike from the other side.
Phantom Wraith (Zod)
Zod calls forth a detainee of the Phantom Zone to float behind the opponent for a brief time. It can attack the foe at his command.
Spiral Bite (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi summons one of his Ninja Hounds that has a double bladed sword in its mouth, and it charges the opponent with a spiral tackle.
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! (Phoenix Wright)
Maya drops down from the sky and plops down on Phoenix's chest, then rushes the enemy with her arms flailing.
Zombie Attack (Frank West)
A zombie appears on the battlefield. The zombie slowly shuffles across the arena and can grab onto and attack either player. @term=latk@ summons the zombie behind Frank, @term=matk@ summons it behind the opponent, and @term=hatk@ summons it from above.
Zombie Spree (Frank West)
A zombie in a shopping cart rolls onscreen from behind Frank, attempting to crash into the foe.

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