Taokaka Movelist

Taokaka does quick dance and gains a doppleganger. Damage is halved but has high fixed proration and little delay between in attacks.

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Super Moves
BlazBlue +
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift +
Similar Moves
Astral Vision (Morrigan Aensland)
Morrigan summons a mirror image to double up on her enemy.
Bushin (Silver Samurai)
After focusing for a moment, multiple ghost duplicates appear and copy Samurai's attacks for a few moments.
Chaos Split (Shuma-Gorath)
Shuma undergoes cellular mitosis and a double copies his every move.
Mindless Doll (Mimic Doll) (Lilith)
A double follows Lilith's movements in a delayed fashion.
Mindless Doll (Mirror Doll) (Lilith)
Like Morrigan's Astral Vision, a double that copies Lilith's movements and distance exactly appears on the opposite side of the opponent.
Mirage Body (J. Talbain)
Talbain summons shadows that double and triple his movements.

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