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You see, Kakarot! This is our fate! Our battle!
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Might Guy's The Eight Gates
Guy opens his eight chakra gates, causing his skin to turn blood-red, his eyes to go blank, and his hair to stand up. He kicks the foe into the air, then leaps into the air and spins like a top, driving down into them, crashing them into the ground.

If this sequence is successful, Guy performs a super-quick dashing clotheslines and tosses the enemy into the air. He rockets into the air, combos them quicker than the player can see, then strikes them into the ground.

Following the completion of either sequence, Guy remains for some time in his "Eight Gates" state, increasing his speed and attack power.

Might Guy's The Eight Gates
Super Moves
[Level 3] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 ,,,

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