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Might Guy's Guy-Style Taijutsu
Guy summons Ningame, a ninja tortoise, and kicks him at the opponent. Ningame pulls into his shell and spins into the opponent, grinding his shell against them and sending them both flying into the sky. A bunch of fireworks explode, including one that erupts in the shape of Ningame's face. Ningame then lands on the ground, bouncing on his carapace before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

If this sequence is successful, as the opponent is preparing to hit the ground, Guy leaps into the air and proclaims "If I can't strike one-hundred blows before falling, it's two-hundred push-ups for me!" Guy proceeds to strike his opponent many times very quickly, with a combo meter showing in the corner. He only gets as far as ninety-nine, and thus, he is next seen beginning his push-ups.
Might Guy's Guy-Style Taijutsu
Super Moves
[Level 2+] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 ,,

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