Kano Movelist

Kano strikes his foe with his forehead.

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Command Moves
Mortal Kombat +(close) [Preview]
[During Combo] Mortal Kombat 3 +(close)
[During Combo] Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 +(close)
[During Combo] Mortal Kombat Trilogy +(close)
Similar Moves
Headbutt (Karnov)

Headbutt (Kung Lao)
Kung Lao strikes his foe with his head.
Headbutt (Snorlax)

Headbutt (Zangief)
This short-range air attack causes massive stun, dizzying after a couple hits.
Headbutt / ヘッドバッ (Sailor Moon)

Headbutt / ヘッドバッ (Strange Gold)

Headbutt / ヘッドバット (Big Bear)

Headbutt / Rolling Bear Headbutt (from Rolling Bear) (Kuma (II))
Kuma grabs his foe and strikes them with his head - likely a technique he picked up from his master.

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