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Naruto Uzumaki's The Nine-Tail
Naruto looks inside himself, seeing the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed behind a gate and asks for its assistance. The Fox unleashes its power within Naruto, allowing him to deliver a massively powerful punch to the opponent.

If this sequence is successful, Naruto focuses his energy and further taps into the Fox's power, coating him with a flaming red aura. Naruto performs a powerful uppercut to his opponent that knocks them high into the air.

After this move is completed, Naruto is transformed into his Nine-Tailed Fox Unleashed form, which boosts his strength for a short time, in exchange for not being unable to perform Super Moves.

Naruto Uzumaki's The Nine-Tail
Super Moves
[Nine-Tailed Naruto only. Level 3] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 ,,,

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