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Sasuke Uchiha's Curse Mark / Juinjutsu
Sasuke brandishes a large "Fuuma" (Demon Wind) Shuriken in one hand and a cluster of kunai in the other. Sasuke throws the kunai, which miss the opponent. Sasuke quickly descends to the opponent's side while they are distracting, knocking them to the ground with a ducking low kick.

If this sequence is successful, Sasuke throws the Fuuma Shuriken at the foe. He or she leaps over it, and Sasuke throws another kunai, which the opponent dodges. Sasuke then uses chakra strings to bring the Fuuma Shuriken back and slice the opponent's back with it.

If this sequence is successful, Sasuke breathes fire along the chakra strings, igniting the foe.

If this sequence is successful, Sasuke spits out a multitude of fireballs and strikes the foe with them. He unleashes his Curse Mark following this. If this technique ends on a sequence other than the final one, Sasuke will use his Sharingan eye to temporarily copy his opponent's normal and special moves (certain characters' special moves are unavailable to him, however).

If the move ends on the final sequence, he will instead undergo his Curse Mark transformation, which temporarily makes his attacks more powerful, at the handicap of not being able to perform Super Moves whilst this form is active.
Sasuke Uchiha's Curse Mark / Juinjutsu
Super Moves
[Level 2 +] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 ,,

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