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Naruto Uzumaki's Summoning / Kuchiyose no Jutsu
Naruto bites his thumb and performs some hand signs, drawing a pattern on the ground with his blood in an attempt to summon Gamabunta. However, he only manages to summon a tadpole. Seeing his opponent in shock, Naruto takes the opportunity to punch his enemy in the face. If this first sequence is successful, Naruto attempts the summon again. This time he summons a small toad, Gamakichi. Gamakichi leaps on the opponent's face to distract them, then hops away as Naruto kicks the foe to the ground. If this sequence is successful, Naruto finally summons Gamabunta, the Boss Toad. Gamabunta unsheathes his sword and strikes the foe with it. If this sequence is successful, Gamabunta appears again, but this time the Fourth Hokage is standing on top of him. Gamabunta attacks the foe with a hand swipe, knocking them into the air, and then Fourth Hokage dashes up and strikes them with a leaping Shungokusatsu-type move.
Naruto Uzumaki's Summoning / Kuchiyose no Jutsu
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