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Naruto tosses a giant shuriken (the "Fuuma", or "Demon Wind" Shuriken) at the opponent. The opponent leaps into the air and dodges the shuriken, but after the shuriken has passed the foe, it transforms into a clone of Naruto and fires a volley of kunai at his or her back. If this first sequence is successful, Naruto summons a plethora of clones, punching the enemy into the air and leaping off of one of the clones' backs with a somersault. The clones kick the foe up further, chanting "Na-Ru-To!" The opponent flies high enough to meet up with the actual Naruto, who performs a striking heel strike that knocks the opponent to the ground, shouting "Uzumaki Barrage!" If this sequence is successful, Naruto transforms into a bunch of attractive, scantily clad blonde girls, declaring that is his "Harem Jutsu", and the opponent is launched backward by eroticism. Iruka then comes and chastises Naruto with a bonk on the head.

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