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Super Moves
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure +
Similar Moves
Aim Master (Taskmaster)
Whipping out a bow, Taskmaster fires an arrow. Charging the attack button can yield in up to three arrows at once.
Ankle Slice (X-23)
X-23 rushes in with a slow slash.
Baku Hadoken (Ryu)
Ryu tosses an invisible explosive projectile.
Big Blow (Sasquatch)
Sasquatch winds up, and punches when @term=anypunch@ is released.
Bow / Hero's Bow (Link)
Hold @term=bbtn@ then release for swift, long-range arrow attacks.
Cat Spirit Three! (Taokaka)
Taokaka performs a big windup before performing an alternate sequence of heavy downward and upward slashes. Continuious tapping of the C button can perform this move indefinitely. The first attack has overhead property, and must be blocked high.
Charge Shot (Samus)
Fires off a tiny blast, or if sufficiently charged, a larger blast. The charge can be held onto, and then discharged later by hitting @term=bbtn@ again.
Death Ball (Frieza)
Frieza raises his index finger, gathering a large ball of energy, and hurls it at his adversary.
Decapitating Slice (X-23)

Deep Freeze (Sub-Zero (II))
Sub-Zero reaches inside his opponent's body and freezes, then crushes their liver, and then follows up with a headbutt.
Destructo Disc / Kienzan, 気円斬 (Krillin)
Krillin creates a thin, flat blade of chi and hurls it at his opponent.
Energy Shield (Lex Luthor)
Lex gets one hit of super armor. If charged more, he also takes less damage and the shield lasts longer.
Gae Bolga Stinger (Painwheel)
Painwheel fires a volley of barbs from her arms.
Gekiken / Furious Fist (Shen Woo)
Shen Woo winds up for a wild punch that causes him to spin around from the momentum.
Gou Hadouken / Gohadoken (Oni)
Oni's variant of the traditional Hadouken; only travels 80% of the screen. When charged, it travels full-screen and hits twice.
Ground Blast (Zod)
Zod aims his heat vision on a spot on the ground. Charging the move increases its duration and strength, as well as produces an explosion that launches when charged to maximum. The trajectory of the move can be modified by tapping @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ before the move comes out.
Hadoken (Sakura Kasugano)
Can press @term=anypunch@ to increase size at the expense of range.
Hazard Breath / Innocence Breath (Majin Buu)
Buu spays projectiles from his mouth in a horizontal arc.
Hirensou / Dual Ice Strike/Dual Ice Sickle (Jin Kisaragi)
This move consumes 25% Heat. As Jin gets ready to draw his sword, a circular flash freezes his nearby opponent. This followed up by slash that knocks his opponent away. Holding down D delays the slash attack and becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Infinity Break (Android 17)
An unblockable strike that stuns opponents
Jetpack Corkscrew (Sackboy)
Strapping on a jetpack, Sackboy flies toward the enemy. Charging increases distance and damage.
Kamehameha / Kamehameha Wave, Turtle Power Blast, Wind Wave (Goku)
Goku cups his hands to his side, then thrusts them forward, palms forward, shouting "KAMEHAMEHA!" A large blast of chi, normally blue or yellow in color, is produced.
Kamehameha / kamehameha Wave, Turtle Power Blast, Wind Wave (Krillin)
Krillin cups his to his side, then thrusts forward, shooting a large blast of ki.
Kokuujin: Shippu / Judgment: Squall (Hakumen)
Hakumen sends a shockwave across the screen. This attack becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Lance Blast (Lex Luthor)
Lex fires an energy blast from a staff. Charging makes it more powerful, but have less range. Full charge is unblockable.
Lightning Blade (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi rushes forward and strikes with a lightning-engulfed hand.
Lightning Bolts (Cole MacGrath)
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or mashing), he gains a large amount of Super Meter and the opponent is launched slightly upward.
Mega Buster (Megaman)
MegaMan fires off a blast from his gun. Blast grows when charged.
Metallic Sphere (Urien)
Urien launches a large sized projectile at an angle determined by button press.
Neck Slice (X-23)
X-23 rushes in with a swipe of her claws. Can be stun when fully charged.
Pac-Dash (Pac-Man)
Rushes the opponent for a body check. Holding down @term=anykick@ increases the duration and length of the rush. Pressing @term=anypunch@ will cancel the attack.
Pig Hit (Shizune)
Shizune launches Tsunade's pet pig, Tonton, at the opponent.
Pile Hammer (Jugo)
Jugo loads his pile driver arm and performs a leaping strike.
Pinion Dash (Painwheel)
Painwheel dashes along the ground, with blades rotating vertically.
Pop Pop (Harley Quinn)
Harley cowers while she fires a blast from an innocent-looking corkgun. Charging the move can make it more powerful, and at full charge, the shot is unblockable. However, a full-charge shot may randomly end up a dud.
Power Pole Attack (Chi-Chi)
Chi performs a string of attacks with a staff. The light version starts with a horizontal swing. Hard version starts with a vertical swing. Both versions followup with a horizontal swing and finish with a thrust. This move can deflect projectile attacks. Holding the button used to initiate the attack will extend its range.
Rasengan (Minato Namikaze)
Minato forms a sphere of energy into his hand and rushes forward, striking the foe with it. If charged to full, Minato will first teleport behind the opponent.
Sacred Dance Shuriken (Tenten)
Tenten tosses five shuriken at the foe at once. If the Attack button is charged until the meter above Tenten's head reaches purple, she leaps into the air and throws a massive amount of shuriken
Senbon (Shizune)
Shizune throws a bunch of ninja needle weapons at the opponent. The amount of needles depends on how long the button is held.
Shadow of Impending Doom (Peacock)
Peacock whistles, signaling random junk to drop from the sky.
Shyness & Strike (B.B. Hood)
Swings her picnic basket forward. Holding the button yields a stronger strike.
Spike Chaser (ν-13)
V-13 sends waves of swords traveling along the ground. Tapping C button will charge the attack, giving it extra range.
Spirit Bomb / Genki Dama (Goku)
Goku raises his hands, gathering energy from supporting life forms. The energy manifests in the form of a large sphere that is hurled at enemies.
Spread Ball (Majin Buu)
Majin Buu charges up a large pink ball of energy and releases at his opponent.
Star Finger (Jotaro Kujo)
Star Platinum stabs at the enemy with his index finger.
Sticky Kitty! (Taokaka)
Taokaka clings to side of the screen. Must be in mid-air at the edge of the screen.
Super Destructo Disk / Renzoku Kienzan (Krillin)
Krillin throws 10 Destructo Disks in rapid succession. Becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Timed Uppercut (Balrog)
Balrog slides forward with an uppercut. A number appears above his head briefly during this move, indicating the power of the move; charging the move longer makes the attack stronger and the slide longer.
Turn Punch (Balrog)
Balrog turns and punches out straight. Damage increases as long as buttons are held.
Ultra Giant Rasengan (Jiraiya)
Standard version: Jiraya creates a giant ball of Chakra and dashes forward, slamming it into the foe. Chargeable.

Level 1+ version: Jiraya transforms into his Sage Mode, leaps into the air, and creates a massive Rasengan and crashes it into the foe.

Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi / 裏百八式・大蛇薙, Major Serpent Wave (Kyo Kusanagi)
Kyo blasts a big wave of fire in front of himself.
Vicinity Blast (Raiden)
A close-range lightning attack, chargeable by holding down the button. Once it gains maximum power, it deals 15% damage and is unblockable. If held too long, it explodes, dealing 1% damage to Raiden.

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