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Dashes forward and on hit performs a series of slashes causing a giant kanji to appear (the kanji indicates "evil/ruin/misfortune," that sort of thing).

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Super Desperation Moves
Last Blade, The +
Similar Moves
"That's MINE" (Johnny)
Johnny slashes vertically, on contact he carves and explosive J into his opponent.
Armageddon Buster / Harmageddon Buster (Franco Bash)
In RB and RBS, Franco knocks the opponent into the air followed by a period where the player can input directions and attacks to create a followup combo. If no input is made, Franco will just flex and pose. In RBFF2, a successful first hit results in a double-armed hammerblow follow up.
Bullet Frenzy (Harley Quinn)
Harley fires up at the opponent, and if that first shot hits, she proceeds to fire several more times.
Bushin Hassoken (Guy)
Guy rises with an aerial combo of successive blows.
Captain Storm (Captain Commando)
An autocombo involving the entire Commando team taking turns.
Climax Beat (Dee Jay)
Dee Jay starts with a flurry of massive punches with one hand, then with both, and finishes with a powerful punch.
Cross Shadow Blitz (Shadow)
Auto-combo ending with a knock-away Jumping Sobat.
Curse of Crunch / 心乱呪符 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm a short distance that reverses the opponent's controls on hit.
Dancing Flash (Felicia)
She rushes her foe, and on contact gives them the business.
Darkness Illusion (Morrigan Aensland)
An autocombo where Morrigan summons a mirror image and they give her opponent a beatdown.
Demon Armageddon / Satsui no Hadou Tatsumaki (Akuma)
Akuma starts with a powerful kick that sends the opponent flying. He then spins in a Flying Hurricane Kick. Once he connects, the kanji "ten" appears behind the opponent, which acts like a wall. Akuma passes through the kanji, which breaks, and the opponent falls.
Deus Ex Machina (Carl Clover)
Nirvana starts a time bomb, which triggers a large unblockable explosion. It will instantly finish off an adversary on hit. However, if it misses, Carl will be forced to fight alone for the rest of the round.
Disposition Frog (May Lee)
Attempted launch with vertical kick. If successful, May Lee subjects the opponent to rapid energy blasts (???).
Double Punch (Bane)
Two large, advancing punches that juggles at the end. Second punch normally only comes out if the first one hits.
Dragon Chain Finish / 神龍連環檄, Dragon Super Finish (Dragon)

Earth Gaddemu 2003 (Earthquake)
After landing an uppercut punch, Earthquake gleefully drills his opponent with his chain.
Escrima Fury (Nightwing)
A short, sweet escrima auto-combo, provided the first hit connects.
Fat Carnival (Earthquake)
Earthquake executes a super Fat Chainsaw into team-up autocombo with his minions.
Final Justice (Captain America)
Cap rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Final Justice (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.
Final Symphony Remix (Kyosuke Kagami)
Kyosuke does a basic punch, if it lands he launches the enemy into the air. Hinata hurricane kicks onscreen into the opponent and Batsu uppercuts them in preparation for a final triple-team attack.
Five Sense Barrage / 五光斬 (Genjuro Kibagami)
Genjuro creates an energy card at close range. On hit, the opponent is sent to the sky to receive a series of cuts.
Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina (Valentine)
Valentine uses an automated external defibrillator to revive a fallen partner or hurt an adversary.
Funny Face Crusher (Frank West)
Frank leaps skyward to place a Servbot head on his foe. He then Giant Swings them and tosses them, and as they're trying to get up, runs to them and plants their face into the ground, shattering the Servbot head.
Gloomy Puppet Show (Lilith)
Lilith tosses a top hat at her foe, if it contacts them, the player is treated to a comical rhythm game at their expense.
Gold Crash / Silver Crash (Silver Lightan) (Gold Lightan)
Lightan performs the Gold/Silver Stomp, knocking the foe into the air. He then catches them and pulls out their soul (or in the case of robotic enemies, their mechanical "heart"), and crushes it in his hand. Upon this action, the opponent drops from the sky.
Gold Kick / Silver Kick (Silver Lightan) (Gold Lightan)
Lightan performs a lunging kick (which will likely only hit airborne foes). Upon contact, Lightan leaps into the air and crashes back down on the opponent with a stomp/elbow drop.
Hyper Spray (Biollante)
Biollante sends out two vines. If either strikes the opponent, they will spray the opponent with sap. Then, Biollante fires a barrage of sap bullets.
Joker Trick (Johnny)
Johnny tosses a card which renders his opponent as the "Joker" playing card. He promptly slashes them in two.
Key of Victory (May Lee)
An initial single strike leading to May Lee and a double executing an aerial "DOUBLE KICK!" followed by Kamen Rider pose. A reference to the Rider Double Kick used by Kamen Rider 1 & 2.
Loyalty Test for Liberalists (Angel)
Dashing autocombo.
Loyalty Test for Liberalists (SDM) (Angel)
Autocombo ending with a big homerun launch.
Luminous Illusion (Lilith)
Standard fare auto combo.
M.D.C. (Madou Diving Claw) / 魔道ダイビングクロー (Gen-an Shiranui)
Gen-an charges forward recklessly in an attempt to drill the guts out of his opponent.
Mach Speed (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe speeds up time for himself, catching on fire while rapidly bashing the opponent. The final hit launches the foe into the air.
May Lee Dynamic (May Lee)
An aerial rush to autocombo very similar to Kim Kaphwan's famous super.
May The End (May Lee)
If May Lee connects with an initial punch, she theatrically somersaults backwards and jumpkicks the opponent, ending with Kamen Rider pose and explosion.
Midnight Bliss (Demitri Maximoff)
If Demitri contacts his foe, he transforms them into something more "appealing" before draining their blood and setting them ablaze.
Midnight Pleasure / Midnight Pressure (Demitri Maximoff)
If Demitri contacts his foe, he bites them repeatedly before kicking them away.
Nag Blast / Shout! (Gaira Caffeine)
Gaira shouts a giant kanji that can knock down an enemy in close proximity.
Otoko Michi (Dan Hibiki)
Dan grasps the enemy and explodes, dealing great damage to them both.
Please Help Me (Felicia)
Felicia summons her friends, and they beat the snot out of her opponent.
Redemption (Batgirl)
Rush into a short auto-combo with knockdown.
Ryoku Ranbu (SDM) / Furious Fandango (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Ryuko Ranbu / 龍虎乱舞, Furious Fandango (Robert Garcia)
Charging autocombo ending with Built Upper.
Ryuko Ranbu / Furious Fandango, 龍虎乱舞 (Ryo Sakazaki)
Ryo's signature super, he dashes at his opponent and delivers a multihit beatdown with a Koho finish.
Sai Fury (Raphael)
Raphael slides forward, holding both of his sai overhead. If he connects with this, he proceeds to thrash the opponent with a series of sai strikes and kicks, culminating in a more powerful Spark Plug.
Saki Combination (Oroku Saki)
Saki performs a kick. If this strikes the opponent, he goes into a mini auto-combo.
Shadow Dance Dream Pull / 影舞い・夢彈(ゆめびき) (Basara)
A hop back then a leap forward. If unblocked Basara performs an elaborate combo ending with a grab; he ends with a wide slash in Kagaribi's memory.
Shadow Dance Payback / 影舞い・酬(むくい) (Basara)
A hop back and a leap forward. If unblocked, Basara performs an invisible autocombo while his lover's ghost flits about. He ends with a wicked uppercut slash.
Shadow Shred (Oroku Saki)
Saki punches at the opponent. If the punch connects, he transitions into a leaping dash kick with shadow trails.
Shadow Shred (Shredder)
Shredder punches at the opponent. If the punch connects, he transitions into a leaping dash kick with shadow trails.
Shisso Buraiken (Dan Hibiki)
A cinematic autocombo with a thumbs up finish.
Shooting Star (Rick Strowd)
Quick rush forward followed by autocombo on hit. C version launches opponent into the air, but incorporates an uppercut to become Shooting Star EX with S Power or P Power.
Shredder Combination (Shredder)
Shredder performs a kick. If this strikes the opponent, he goes into a mini auto-combo.
Skewer (Leonardo)
Leonardo performs a roll in the air toward his opponent. If this move connects, he performs a Rising Stud that knocks the opponent high in the air and off the top of the screen. He raises one of his katana and faces the screen, and the opponent comes back down, the katana impaling him or her in the back.
Slow & Zoom In (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe kicks at the opponent. If this connects, the camera zooms in on Joe and the foe. The mask on Joe's helmet slides into place, and the opponent proceeds to attempt an attack, which comes out in slow motion. Joe dodges slowly, moving behind his enemy. Whilst behind them, Joe performs a short kick, followed by an uppercut that rockets the opponent into the air. Joe leaps into the air and performs an extravagant pose next to the opponent, damaging them with the accompanying flash.
Stepladder (Foot Ninja)
The Foot Ninja thrusts his knee out. If this connects on a foe, he will leap off of them with a kick, becoming airborne as if he had jumped, whilst simultaneously damaging him or her with the kick.
Supreme Evil Plan (Doronjo)
As usual, Doronjo's "supreme" evil plan involves something backfiring horribly. She kneels on the ground and raises her arms in distress, ready to receive her "punishment" for failing (as happens often in the Yatterman anime). A palm tree with a pig will pop up and then explode in front of her. If it hits the opponent, Doronjo will pedal away with her minions on their trademark tandem bike while the opponent is juggled on explosions behind them. Finally the explosions catch up to the villainous trio and they are blown away with their clothes ripped and a skull-shaped mushroom cloud forming in the background. If it misses, Doronjo is blown into a knockdown.
Tenchi Sokaigen (Oni)
Oni charges up a massive sphere of Satsui no Hadou energy and slams it into the ground, causing a small wall of energy. If this move hits close, it will transition to a cinematic of the opponent being knocked skyward and Oni following up with a backbreaking Shoryuken, complete with the kanji 天 (ten - heaven, or "beyond human") in the background.
Ultra Variety Private Memories (Norimaro)
Norimaro rushes forward to beat the opponent. During the combo, he flashes through various memories of his life, including cosplaying as Mega Man, being bit on the ass by a dog, and singing karaoke. The hacked Norimaro in the Western versions only does 19 hits while the Japanese version does 21, as two frames showing Norimaro in a pink bathtub were removed.
United by Fate (Batsu Ichimonji)
Batsu reels back and then hits the opponent with a swinging punch to stun them. Afterwards he calls in his partner and does a special team-up attack with them. Batsu will perform a Double Zenkai Guts Bullet, Double Zenkai Guts Upper or Double Super Shooting Star Kick depending on who his partner is. If the partner is defeated, he will do a Vengeful Double Super Guts Bullet with their ghost at almost double the power.
Weapon X (Wolverine)

Zombie Charge (Frank West)
Frank tries to put a Servbot mask on his opponent. If the move connects, he will ram them through a horde of zombies before slamming their face into the ground.

Against the two "giant" characters, a zombie will drop down from the top of the screen instead, and if it connects, the scene will change to a POV from the foe's perspective, with more zombies obscuring his vision. Once the zombies have been tossed aside, he will look down and see a bunch of oxygen tanks piled near him, and Frank with a rifle. The view changes to an over-the-shoulder of Frank shooting the tanks and causing a huge explosion.

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