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Grab and ignite with burning hand.

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Special Moves
World Heroes 2 (close)+
Similar Moves
...!! (Yamazaki)
Yamazaki unleashes feral fury, slapping down his foe with repeated Serpent Slashes before performing a backwards slam with his teeth.
Achilles' Clutch (Shazam)
Shazam catches ducking or juggled enemies and leaps high into the air before tossing them to the ground.
Air Gotcha Grab (Jax)
Jax reaches up and snatches the opponent out of the air, flipping them on the ground on the other side of him.
Air Ippon Seoi / 空中一本背負い (Ryoko Kano)

Air Snatch (Doomsday)
Doomsday grabs the foe out of the air and smashes them against his back.
Amube Yatoro (Nakoruru)
Nakoruru orders Mamahaha to attack.
Arc Bomb (Hikyaku)
Hikyaku tosses a bomb with an underhand arc. It explodes if it hits the ground or is unblocked by the opponent; Hikyaku himself can be damaged by the blast if he touches it. The bomb will be dropped and explode even if Hikyaku is hit during the move's startup.
Around the World (Marduk)
Marduk spins his opponent around then bounces them high into the air off the floor.
Atomic Suplex (Mecha Zangief)
Two successive suplexes.
Atomic Suplex (Zangief)
Two successive suplexes.
Bandit Chain (Birdie)
Repeated slams to the ground and toss away.
Bangs Void Tempest Kick (Bang Shishigami)
Bang grabs his foe and teleport kicks them around.
Blaze Kick (Blaziken)
Forward-moving spinning fire kick.
Blitz Sieger (Sieger)
Sieger jumps forward in an arc for a flaming body splash.
Body Press (Bane)
Bane grabs the opponent and slams them on his knee.
Bomb Bopper / 爆弾パチキ (Yamazaki)
Yamazaki grabs his foe and gives them an exploding headbutt.
Bone Duster (Reapermon)
Reapermon starts a fire directly in front of him. Highly damaging, burns, and has a high chance of dizzying.
Boss Grip (Motaro)
Motaro lifts his opponent in the air and smashes them across the screen with his fist.
Break Spiral (Duck King)
Duck boots the opponent to the air and proceeds to kick them around while breakdancing.
Break the Bat (Bane)
Bane grabs the opponent and hits them with an uppercut that knocks them upward, a second uppercut that hits them skyward even further, then snatches them out of the air and slams them to the ground, and finally tosses them up to break over his knee.
Break! / 割れろォ! (K9999)

Briggs Bash (Jax)
Jax grabs his foe and tosses them into the air, catching them on the way down to crack their back over his knee. He then tosses them back up to do the same over his shoulders.
Brutal Throw (Kano)
Kano grabs his opponent and kicks them upward, then flips them over and slams them on the other side of him.
Buffalo Buster (White Buffalo)
Repeated jumping powerbombs.
Burning Tornado (Reapermon)
Reapermon spins a flaming funnel around himself, drawing in nearby foes. Burns, and if the opponent is not already dizzy, has an almost 100% chance of making them dizzy.
Buster Throw (Zeus)

Cannonball Slam (Ermac)
Ermac lifts his opponent in the air with his telekinesis, then turns them upside-down and drops them on their face. He then floats above them and drops, slamming the opponent's back with his own.
Captain Fire (Captain Commando)
A beam-like burst of fire from Cap's gauntlet.
Captain Kick (Captain Commando)
A leaping, flaming kick.
Chaos Flare (Demitri Maximoff)
Demitri fires a burst at his foe. In Darkstalkers and Night Warriors it's a simple fireball that burns and knocks down the opponent, and becomes a large demonic head when ES'd. From Vampire Savior onwards the projectile contains a bat that briefly bites and stuns the opponent (longer stun with ES).
Cheer & Fire (B.B. Hood)
B.B. holds a molotov with flaming top out in front of herself.
Choke (Arkane)
Arkane lifts his foe up and strangles them.
Choke (Blade)
Blade lifts up his foe and strangles them.
Choke (Kano)
Kano lifts his opponent up and shakes them. In MK2011 he takes them to the ground and strangles them.
Choke (Nightwolf)
Nightwolf grabs and lifts his foe by the throat, then releases them and Shoulder charges them before they hit the ground.
Choke Punch (Shao Kahn)
Kahn grabs his foe and punches them.
Circuit Scrapper (Huitzil)

Corruption (Quan Chi)
Two low hand swipes, then a strike to the gut with a green glow that detonates before Quan Chi flips the opponent's limp body.
Cross Shadow Blitz (Shadow)
Auto-combo ending with a knock-away Jumping Sobat.
Crush! / 砕けろォ! (K9999)

Crusher (Goro)
Goro grabs his opponent with his bottom arms and squeezes their skull so hard it cracks, then tosses them into his upper arms, turns around, and slams their head against the ground, further shattering their skull.
Cyclone Blast (Trunks)
Trunks grabs his foe by the legs, swings them around, tosses him/her in the air, and shoots his airborne victim with a huge blast of ki.
Czarnian Toss (Lobo)
Lobo grabs the opponent by the legs and tosses them high into the air and across the screen.
Daikyou Burning (Sodom)
Charge forward with jitte held out. If Sodom hits his opponent on the ground, he grabs and pushes them forward along the ground for flaming rugburn.
Dance of Fire / 火炎曲舞 (Kyoshiro Senryo)
Kyoshiro spits a steady burst of flame.
Dancing Beat (Heavy D!)
D!'s @term=dbtn@ throw from 1994, now a command throw with no whiff animation.
Dead Air (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy grabs his foe and flings them hard behind him, causing them to sail across the screen.
Dead Rising (Frank West)
Frank grabs the opponent and spins them with a Fireman's Carry, then tosses them up in the air. As they come back down, he smacks them with a Grand Slam that sends them flying off into the distance.
Deathly Slam (Bryan)
Bryan slams the opponent on the opposite side of him. Unimpressive yet powerful.
Defense Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy grabs his opponent and drags them to him, then picks them up and slams them down hard twice. Grundy gets a tick damage intake decrease modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Demon Fire / Summon Hellfire, Hell Fire (Scorpion)
Raising his hands, Scorpion summons the flames of Hell from the ground in the opponent's position.
Demon Fist (King Piccolo)
King Piccolo grabs his opponent with outstretched arms, tosses them in the air, and either shoots a blast of ki or bombs them, depending on if a single or both buttons are used for the input
Demon Fist (Piccolo)
Piccolo grabs his opponent with outstretched arms, tosses them in the air, and either shoots a blast of ki or bombs them, depending on if a single or both buttons are used for the input.
Devitalization (Shuma-Gorath)
Grabs the opponent, stretches upwards and drops them, then slams down on top with tentacles.
Diamond Drop (Cerebella)
Cerebella uses Vice-Versa to toss her foe directly above her. As the opponent falls down, Vice-Versa performs an Argentine backbreaker at the moment of impact.
Dino Arrow (Pink Ranger)
Flaming arrow shot.
Dive Slam (Hun)
Hun reaches out in front of him and, if he grabs an enemy in this way, leaps into the air whilst holding him or her, and brings his weight down on top of them upon descent.
Dive Slam (Monster)
Monster reaches out in front of him and, if he grabs an enemy in this way, leaps into the air whilst holding him or her, and brings his weight down on top of them upon descent.
Double German (Marstorius)
Two German suplexes in succession.
Double Typhoon (T. Hawk)
Two Mexican Typhoons in succession.
Double-power Bomb (Vagnad)
Two consecutive power bombs.
Dragon Crusher (BlackWarGreymon)
BlackWarGreymon swipes upward with his claws, creating a wave of energy followed by a wave of fire.
Dragon Missile (Dragonzord)
Dragonzord fires a trio of missiles in an arc.
Drill (Yamazaki)
A command throw followed by a period where the player can mash. The amount of mashing determine's Yamazaki's action and amount of damage. In many games, continuing to mash after the fact makes Yamazaki laugh hysterically.
Drill (Yamazaki)
A command throw followed by a period where the player can mash. The amount of mashing determine's Yamazaki's action and amount of damage.
Dynamite Izuna Otoshi / ダイナマイトいずな落とし (Jubei Yamada)
Super throw accompanied with sparkles and explosion.
Electric Execution (Ryken)
Ryken grabs his foe with his cybernetic arm and shocks them multiple times.
Electric Pile Driver (Chrome Dome)
Chrome Dome grabs his opponent, turns them upside down whilst leaping, and slams his or her head into the ground, electrocuting the foe.
Erif Ssik (Zatanna)
Zatanna blows a kiss that turns into a firey cloud.
Event Horizon (Raven)
Raven magically pulls her opponent toward her and shoves them away.
Evolution Buster (Android 16)
Android 16's command throw. With each successful grab, the Evolution Buster grows stronger. The cycle will repeat after the 3rd grab, starting at its weakest form. The cycle carries over to the next round. The L version is faster, while the H version has better range.
Execution (Cell)
Cell boots his victim in the air and strikes down with an elbow strike to the back.
Eye Beam (Goldar)
Flaming quick fireball.
Fartality (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho strikes a torch on the ground and puts it near his ass, ripping a massively long fart that turns fans the flames toward the opponent (and turning the fire green). The opponent dies of immolation.
Fat Breath (Earthquake)
Earthquake breathes a long-lasting stream of flame directly in front.
Fatal Buster (Super Skrull)
Super Skrull follows up Orbital Grudge with a flaming uppercut.
Final Atomic Buster (Mecha Zangief)
A series of suplexes followed by a Spinning Piledriver.
Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
A series of suplexes, followed by a Spinning Piledriver.
Fire Binta / ファイアービンタ (Yungmie)
Rapid flaming kicks. Able to move slowly while kicking.
Fire Breath (Karnov)
A burst of fire breath that absorbs projectiles. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.
Fire Breath (Minotaur)
Breathes a puff of flame.
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu / Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Sasuke Uchiha)
Sasuke breathes a steady stream of fire.
Fire Style: Searing Migraine (Kakuzu)
Fire blast across the ground. Massive range.
Fire Sword (Anita)
Akuma appears as you perform a flaming sword attack.
Fireball (Karnov)
Bouncing fire projectile.
Fires of Fecundity / 式神霊符・炎 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a dog-like projectile.
Firewater (Bo Rai Cho)
Bo' Rai Cho brandishes a torch and a jug of alcohol. He strikes the torch on the ground, takes a swig from the jug, then spits the alcohol over the torch, spreading the fire over the foe. The foe burns until they collapse into a heap of broken body parts.
First Head Soen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword and sends a trail of fire across the floor.
Flame Breath (Kintaro)
Kintaro blows a steady steam of fire from his mouth.
Flame On / Flame Burner (Sektor)
Sektor fires a flamethrower from his wrist.
Flamethrower (Blaziken)
Burst of flame from the mouth.
Flamethrower (Sektor)
Sektor burns the opponent to death with a flamethrower mounted on his wrist.
Flamethrower / Flame Thrower (Chris Redfield)
Chris uses a flamethrower to scorch his foe.
Flaming Heaven (Yami)
A fiery meteor appears from the top of the screen and crashes to the ground.
Flaming Shot (Huang Jong)

Flying Slam (Bowser)
Bowser grabs his opponent, leaps into the air with a somersault, and slams the opponent hard on the ground.
Force Push (Ermac)
The opponent is lifted up and swarmed by souls. Ermac crushes his palm closed to extinguish the souls, and the opponent is thrown backward.
Frankensteiner (Clark Steel)
Command throw with an extremely long whiff animation, owing to the elaborate nature of the frankensteiner. If not followed up with Flash Elbow, Clark will spread his arms and exclaim "HEY."
Freyja / フレイア (Mycale)
A glowing circle of runes appear on the ground, before flame bursts from the center.
Friendly Rip / 友引 (Basara)
Basara grabs the opponent and drags them into his shadow. They fly back out moments later on the edge of his weapon, receiving a series of slashes.
Gamma Tornado (Hulk)
Hulk grabs the enemy, gives them a big swing and tosses them aside.
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (Iron Tager)
Tager chucks his opponent way into the air, then brings them back to earth face first. Initial grab can be delayed to draw on magnetism.
Gerdenheim 3 (Victor von Gerdenheim)

Giant Swing (Colossus)
Colossus grabs his opponent by the feet and swings him or her around, then tosses them across the screen. Rotating the joystick or mashing a Punch button increases speed and damage.
Giant Swing (Frank West)
In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Frank grabs the foe by the legs and spins them around before throwing them.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Frank is attacked by a zombie, then grabs the zombie by the legs and spins him around before throwing him at the opponent.

Giant Swing (Muscle Power)
A standard command throw in WH2, in 2J it becomes a formidable anti-air-only grab.
Gigantic Cyclone (Krauser)
Krauser traps the opponent in a whirlwind generated by his virile spinning clothesline.
Gigantic Tager Driver (Iron Tager)
Tager chucks the enemy into the sky and hauls them down on his shoulders. Initial grab can be delayed to draw upon magnetism.
Go To Hell (Scorpion)
Scorpion poses and whisks the opponent away to his lair, where the opponent burns to death.
Gokuenkai / 獄炎界 (Gozu)
Gozu unleashes four firebombs, two on each side. Bombs themselves and explosions will hit.
Goro Grab (Goro)
Goro grabs his opponent with all four arms, then shoves their face to the ground with one hand, then tosses them.
Gotcha Grab (Jax)
Jax grabs his opponent by the throat and punches them a couple of times. Mashing makes more punches.
Gotodan (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin dashes at his opponent. If he connects, he grabs him or her and leaps into the air, then tosses them to the ground before returning to the ground, himself.
Gouen Dan / 豪炎弾 (Gozu)
A three-shot burst of burning pellets from Gozu's wrist cannon. @term=abtn@ shoots straight, @term=bbtn@ shoots up at an angle, and @term=cbtn@ shoots almost straight up.
Grabinator Grab (Sackboy)
Sackboy grabs and lifts the opponent, then falls backwards, dropping them and causing a small shockwave that damages other nearby foes.
Gripple Grapple (Sackboy)
Sackboy fires a grappling gun upward, grabbing anything in its path - whether a platform or a foe, and rockets up to meet it, damaging foes in the line of fire.
Grizzly Fling (Kuma (II))
Hurls the opponent into the air.
Ground Flame (Hothead)
Hothead crouches down and breathes out a flame that travels on the ground a short way before extinguishing.
Ground Tempest (Android 16)
Android 16 grabs his victim, leaps in the air, and spirals downward, driving his foe head-first into the ground.
Hades Heart Slicer / 円心殺~地 (Gaira Caffeine)
Giant swing command throw.
Hair Whip (Sindel)
Sindel whips her hair out and grabs the foe, then tosses them on the other side of the screen.
Hametsu no Honou / 破滅の炎 (Sokaku)
Sokaku is engulfed in flame and advances through the air a short distance.
Happy & Missile (B.B. Hood)
She hops up and fires a missle down.
Hard Knuckle (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma fires off his cybernetic fist. Semi-homing, burns upon impact.
Hard Upper (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma fires his cybernetic fist straight up. Semi-homing, burns upon impact.
Headbutt / Rolling Bear Headbutt (from Rolling Bear) (Kuma (II))
Kuma grabs his foe and strikes them with his head - likely a technique he picked up from his master.
Health Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy grabs the opponent by the leg and slams them once on each side of him. Grundy gets a damage intake decrease modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Heidern End (Heidern)
Enhanced Heidern End
Heidern End (Heidern)
Focusing a blade of energy on his hand, Heidern dashes across the screen to stab his opponent in the gut. They hang suspended for a moment before Heidern exclaims "Go to hell!" and explodes them.
Heretic Brand / Gedo no Rakuin Oshi, 外道の烙印押し (Kusare Gedo)
Command grab into jumping knee drop.
Heretic Hunt / Gedo no Emono Gari, 外道の獲物狩り (Kusare Gedo)
Super version of Heretic Brand, an even bigger pain to execute.
Hien Renkoku (Rukia Kuchiki)
Spread-out Pale Lightning followed by a large spread Pale Fire Crash.
High Mega Gou Beam (Cyber Akuma)
Massive, multi-hit beam attack.
Hot Flames (Lex Luthor)
Sweeping flamethrower.
How's this? (Tobi)
Tobi flings a large firecracker straight down.
Hurricane Drop (Erick)
Erick grabs with his horns and spins into the sky, coming back down shortly after the opponent and impaling their belly.
Hyaha! (Mayuri Kurotsuchi)
Nemu detonates in a large, pixelated burst of flame. Nemu reappears a short time later, but until then, she is unusable.
Hydrogen Drop (April O'Neil)
April tosses her foe up past the top of the screen, leaps up after them, grabs them, and brings them back down, dropping them on her knee.
Hyper Bomb (Alex)
A series of backdrops, followed by a big jumping power bomb.
Johnny Special (J. Maximum)
Punts opponent into the air then shoulder-charges them all the way to the opposite corner.
Jormungandr / Jormungand. ヨルムンガンド (Mycale)
Mycale summons a fire-breathing serpent-like spirit to attack her foe
Kaiser Suplex (Krauser)
A throw consisting of a backflip, landing opponent's-head-first.
Kamitsuki / Biting, 噛み付き (Jian)
Looks more like "squeezing."
Karai Slam (Karai)
Karai bounces off the wall and aims her body toward her foe. Upon contact, she grabs him or her and slams them into the ground with her body vertical.
Killer Illumination (M.O.D.O.K.)
M.O.D.O.K grabs his opponent with mechanical arms and electrocutes him/her.
Kimon Jin / 鬼門陣 (Sokaku)
Sokaku summons a demon to piledrive his enemy.
King of Tager (Iron Tager)
Tager rocks into orbit with his opponent, slamming them hard enough to create a crater.
Kiss of Death (Sonya Blade)
Sonya blows on her open palm, sending a flaming ball toward the opponent. The flame catches the foe on fire, burning away their clothes and flesh, until nothing is left but a charred skeleton.
Kongogeki (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin reaches out to grab his opponent with one hand. Upon successfully grabbing them, he proceeds to slam him or her on the ground on the other side of him, then follows up with a Tenken. The number of slams depends on the strength of the attack used. Light Attack produces one, Medium Attack produces two, and Hard Attack produces five.
Kyou Ressen Kyaku / 旧烈千脚, Original Thousand Kicks (Tung Fu Rue)
Command throw version of Tung's rising rapid kicks.
Lantern's Might (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern catches his foe with the glow of his ring and slams them on the other side of him. Works against standing as well as jumping opponents.
Lasso Snatch (Jarek)
Jarek flings a rope at the enemy, and if he grabs them with it, he flips them up and over his head, then slams them on the opposite side of him.
Lava Missile (Cyclopsis)
Fires a batch of low missiles that explode into flaming columns.
Leg Grab / Leg Throw (Sonya Blade)
Sonya performs a handstand and flings her legs toward the opponent, tossing them behind her upon contact.
Leg Take Down (Batman)
Batman slides and grabs his opponent's feet with his shins, leaning to each side to slam them twice.
Liftup Blow (Krauser)
Toss the opponent into the air and "impale" them on Krauser's outstretched fist.
Lightning Shock / Shocker, Shocking Touch, Electrocute (Raiden)
Raiden grabs his foe and lifts them up, electocuting them.
Lost Homeland (Angel)
Grab into kickoff.
Low Scoop (Superman)
Superman sweeps the opponent with his hand, flipping them onto their back.
Mad Murder Roulette (Angel)
Standing back brain kick.
Magic Lift (Mokap)
Using telekinesis, Mokap lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Martian Grab (Martian Manhunter)
Manhunter stretches his arm downward, grabbing the opponent by the ankles for a slam on the opposite site.
Mass Destruction (Doomsday)
Doomsday grabs the opponent and lifts them overhead before slamming them into the ground behind him, creating a crater. He then punches them over and over through the crater, to the point where he hits them through the core of the earth and out an ocean on the other side of the planet, then continues to knock them back to the previous battlefield, carrying them high into the air, and slamming them to the ground.
May Lee Break (May Lee)

Mech Tenma Kujin Kyaku (Cyber Akuma)
Dive kick with burning properties.
Mega Strike Dog (Poppy)
Ninja piledriver with lightning strikes. Does 50% damage if landed.
Merciless Mash / 無慈悲刺し, Mujihi Sashi (Shikyoh)
Grabs the opponent and digs his blade into their gut gleefully.
Merry Go-Rilla (Cerebella)
Vice-Versa reaches out its arm to grab an opponent. Using the opponent as an axle, Cerebella spins around her opponent and before slamming her to the ground. This move has greater range than her other throws but will whiff if the opponent is under the minimum range requirement.
Meteor Swirling Bullets / Ryusei Ranbu Dan, 流星乱舞弾 (Otane Goketsuji)
Otane grabs the opponent and tosses them behind, then pelts them with fireballs while they're disoriented.
Mexican Typhoon (T. Hawk)
T. Hawk winds the opponent up during a big jump before slamming them to the ground.
Might Launcher (Huitzil)
Huitzil props up and launches a small exploding missile.
Moonsault Slash (Shadow)
Mid-air downward version of his somersault kick.
Mountain Storm / 超山嵐 (Ryoko Kano)
Grab, then spinning/flaming somersault upwards and slam back down.
Mudoh Goenha / 無道牛炎波 (Gozu)
Gozu disappears into embers and giant flaming bull-head projectiles shoot out from either side.
Murderer Chain (Birdie)
Exclaiming "Go to heaven," Birdie performs two chain-assisted chokeslams.
Mustang Kick (Wesker)
Wesker kicks his foe across the screen
Napalm Pillar (Parasoul)
A pillar of flame bursts upward around Parasoul
Napalm Trap (Parasoul)
Krieg drops an imobilzing napalm tear an opponent's foot. Parasoul shoots the tear with her pistol, triggering a minor explosion.
Neko Jarashi / 猫じゃらし (Jubei Yamada)
Forward-flipping drop.
Ninja Exploding Dragon Blast / Bakuen Ryu, 忍法爆炎龍 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo punches the ground, sending a rolling burst of flame at his foe.
Oicho Throw / 大銀杏投げ (E. Honda)
After slamming his opponent to the floor face first, Honda flips over on top of them.
Oil Bomb (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket tosses a red ball with an arc. Upon hitting the ground, it creates a puddle of oil, which can be set on fire with his @term=hatk@.
Ooizuna Otoshi / 大いずな落とし (Jubei Yamada)
Big jumping drop.
Overheat (Blaziken)
Firey beam attack from the mouth.
Pale Fire Crash (Byakuya Kuchiki)
Multiple fireball stream.
Pale Fire Crash (Rukia Kuchiki)
Rukia shoots a fireball. Hard version throws three in a spread shot.
Play Doctor (Harley Quinn)
Harley injects the opponent with a syringe.
Power Bomb (Alex)
Alex does a jumping powerbomb. When performed from behind, becomes a back suplex.
Power Chain (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy picks up his opponent by the face and slams them, then punches them while they're down. Grundy gets a damage increase modifier for the rest of the round or until he performs another Pain Chain variation.
Primary Lotus / Omote Renge (Might Guy)
Guy kicks his opponent up into the air, then leaps into the air next to them, grabbing them and performing a spinning piledriver that slams the foe into the ground.
Primary Lotus / Omote Renge (The Green Beast)
Naruto kicks his opponent up into the air, then leaps into the air next to them, grabbing them and performing a spinning piledriver that slams the foe into the ground.
Psycho Crusher (M. Bison)
Bison lances forward, bathed in psycho power.
Quad Toss (Sheeva)
Sheeva sweeps the opponent with her hand, then tosses them into the air.
Raging Buffalo (Cracker Jack)
Jack creeps forward, grabbing his opponent, and pummeling them with punches.
Rat Bomber (Rat King)
Rat King grabs his foe, leaps into the air, and slams him or her back down whilst stretched out.
Red Sphere (Frieza)
Frieza imprisons his victim in an orb of energy and hurls him/her to the ground.
Ring Slam (Bane)
Bane snatches the opponent out of the air and suplexes them.
Rock 'n Roll Circus (Kuma (II))
Kuma grabs his opponent and tumbles back, juggling them in the air, before sending them off.
Royal Bash / Shokan Grab (Goro)
Goro grabs his foe with his lower two arms, and pounds on them with his upper arms. He then performs his throw move and either performs his victory pose or taunts.
Saotome Fire (Jin Saotome)
Jin scrubs his back with such intense vigor that he bursts into flame.
Schwarze Flamme / Black Flame (Kain R. Heinlein)
Hop-back projectile.
Schwarze Panzer / Black Shield (Kain R. Heinlein)
Rushing flame attack. Break applies to @term=3kick@ version only.
Scramble Gou Punch (Cyber Akuma)
Triple advancing Mech Gou Shoryuken with burning.
Screw Izuna Drop / スクリューイズナ落とし (Syoh)
Spinning ninja piledriver.
Second Head Shoen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword upward, creating a rising fire trail.
Seismic Toss (Snorlax)
Snorlax grabs his opponent, then leaps high into the air with a somersault, landing on top of them. Against another Snorlax, he just knocks him down with a Low Kick and Belly Flops them.
Sentimental Typhoon (B.B. Hood)
She spins with her opponent in a giant typhoon.
Set Up Slash / 罰 (armed) 罪 (unarmed) (Karasu)

Shadow Break (Shadow)
Shadow launches many Sonic Booms. Mashing increases how many are thrown.
Shadow Justice (Shadow)
Three consecutive Somersault Shells.
Shakunetsu Hadoken (Akuma)
Multihit flaming fireball
Shakunetsu Ryuhan / Burning Dragon Counter (Akuma)
Akuma grunts and strikes a pose. If he is struck by a basic attack in this pose, he strikes the foe with a flaming dragon punch.
Shienkyaku / Flame Igniting Kick, 熾炎脚 (Fei Long)
A rising fire spin kick.
Shin Kongogeki (Sajin Komamura (Incognito))
Sajin reaches out to grab his opponent as if he were to perform the Kongogeki. He proceeds to slam him or her on the opposite side of him, then flips them overhead and slams them again, then, he leaps into the air ala the Gotodan, dropping down and slamming the foe to the ground and dragging his or her carcass along the ground, to the opposite end of the screen. Sajin finishes by turning around towards the opponent and firing a Tenken at the body.
Shinryu Ken / 神龍拳 (Ryu)
Ken's stationary super shoryuken. Mash for more hits.
Shocking Pink (Viewtiful Joe)
Joe lobs a large pink bomb with a "V" printed on it. This bomb can be knocked around the field, and is capable of bouncing against solid objects. After a few seconds, the bomb goes off, damaging any character touching it - including Joe himself, or his partner. Up to two bombs may be placed on the field at one time.
Shoryu Reppa / 昇龍裂破 (Ryu)
Ken's advancing triple shoryuken.
Shoryuken / Dragon Punch, 昇龍拳 (Ken Masters)
Ansatsuken's trademark leaping uppercut. Ken's fierce Shoryukens first caught fire in Super SF2.
Shrike Dash / Mozu Otoshi, モズ落し (Hanzo Hattori)
Leaping ninja piledriver.
Shroud of Flames / Flame Aura (Scorpion)
Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage to the opponent upon touch. If the move is activated right next to the opponent, they are burned and stunned.
Singularity (Raven)
Raven magically lifts up her opponent and slams them to the ground.
Skull Punish (Lord Raptor)

Slide / Foot Grab (Shujinko)
Shujinko performs a low slide and grabs his opponent's ankles, then swings his feet up and kicks the opponent in the face.
Sliding Foot Grab (Sindel)
Sindel peforms a low slide and grabs her opponent's ankles, then swings her feet up and kicks the opponent in the face.
Somersault Shell (Shadow)
A backward front flipping somersault kick, fires off a projectile wave upward at an angle.
Sonic Boom (Shadow)
Shadow whips his arm forward and generates a projectile.
Soul Crush (Raven)
Raven levitates the foe and compresses them into a ball with dark energy, which implodes.
Spin Cycle (Lobo)
Lobo snatches the foe out of the air and swings them around before tossing them.
Spinning Air Throw / 空中二段投げ (Ryoko)
Ryoko grabs and jumps into the air with opponent spinning rapidly, then kicks them to ground.
Spinning Piledriver (Haggar)
Officially (in canon) copied from Zangief and modified from his own standard piledriver.
Spinning Piledriver / Screw Piledriver (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief's signature spinning piledriver.
Spinning Piledriver / Screw Piledriver (Zangief)
Zangief's signature spinning piledriver.
Splits Grab (Wonder Woman)
Wonder Woman does the splits and grabs the opponent by the ankle, flipping them over her head and slamming them.
Squeeze of Heaven / Temma Rimetsu, 忍法天魔覆滅 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo drives his blade into the earth and creates a pillar of fire.
Staff Grab (Jade)
Jade grabs her foe with the end of her staff and flings them across the screen.
Stomach Crush (Natsuki Kornelia)
Grabs the opponent, then punches their gut two times before letting them go, steps back, then kicks them away.
Storm Bringer (Heidern)
A command grab where Heidern drains the very life from the opponent, adding it to his own.
Strike Dog (Poppy)
Poppy's ninja piledriver.
Strike Heads (Galford D. Weller)
Galford's ninja piledriver.
Summoned Fiend (Shinnok)
Shinnok raises his hand and summons a skeletal hand from a portal in the ground, which lifts the opponent and shakes them about before slamming them on the ground.
Summoned Hand Grip (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern conjures a large hand construct and lifts the enemy high into the air with it, then disperses the construct to drop them.
Super Argentine Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
Clark tosses the opponent into the air to land on his waiting shoulders. Starting in 1996, could be followed up with an elbow drop.
Super Shoulder Throw / 二段背負い投げ (Ryoko)

Telekinetic Slam (Kenshi)
Kenshi lifts the opponent using telekinesis and slams them on the ground.
Telekinetic Slam / Force Lift (Ermac)
Using his telekinesis, Ermac lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Telekinetic Throw (Ermac)
Ermac uses telekinesis to toss the foe in the opposite direction.
Telekinetic Toss (Kenshi)
Kenshi uses telekinesis to toss the foe in the opposite direction.
Tele-Slam / Opponent Slam (Shujinko)
Using his telekinesis, Shujinko lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Ten Chuu Satsu (Sodom)
Super Busumetsu Buster.
Tentacle Constriction (Biollante)
Biollante wraps one of her tentacle/vines around the foe and it bites at them. Can be aimed upward if @term=up@ is pressed before the vine goes off.
This'll Hurt! (Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanji flings his opponent against the wall. Take-Mikazuchi appears from above, lands on the opponent, and delivers a jolt of electricity.
Tijuana Twister (King)
King lifts his opponent on his shoulders, throws them spinning into the air, then catches them and slams them down with a Spinebuster.
Tombstone Buster (CW-4 Axe)

Tornado Breaker (Muscle Power)

Tornado Pilebuster (Watts)
Totally not a Spinning Piledriver (it is actually).
Tornado Slam (Kabal)
Kabal digs his hookswords into his opponent and spins them twice before slamming them on the ground.
Tornado Throw (Abel)
Abel spins the opponent round, then slams them to the floor.
Tower Bridge (Watts)
Command throw stolen from Robin Mask.
Trident Scoop (Aquaman)
Aquaman uses his trident to flip the opponent overhead.
Ultimate Showstopper (Cerebella)
Opponent is slammed into several times before being tossed into the air. Cerebella performs a handstand, with a large blade protruding from one of her shoes while Vice-Versa forcefully impales the opponent through the blade.
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
Three successive Super Argentine Backbreakers are performed with different finishers over the years. 94-95: After the third drop, Clark ends with a shoulder buster. 96-98: Normally ends with a Death Valley Bomb. SDM version ends with "Clark Spark," Clark's take on Kinnikuman's Muscle Spark finisher.
Ultra Argentine Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
When the SDM Ultra Argentine became a seperate move in 2000, it still ended with the "Clark Spark" hold. The 2003 LDM variation of UAB ends with the Clark Special, a copy of Robin Mask's "Robin Special" finisher from Kinnikuman. On the third toss, clark jumps up and grabs the enemy's head between his legs, crushing it during the handstand landing.
Ultra Final Atomic Buster (Zangief)
A Flying Power Bomb, a Suplex, and a toss up and off the screen; Zangief follows the foe and brings them back down with a Spinning Piledriver.
Ultra Fire Swirl / 超火炎旋風棍, Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon, Super Fire Wheel (Billy Kane)
Billy twirls his staff ablaze, then spins the burn at his enemy.
Untamed Fury / Grab N Punch (Sheeva)
Sheeva lunges forward for a grab with her lower arms, bashing them with her top arms if she connects.
Uzuhonoojin / 渦炎陣 (Sokaku)
Variation on Hametsu no Honou from Real Bout, Sokaku quickly spins into the other plane while on fire.
Vector Drain (Morrigan Aensland)
Jets upward with her opponent, then spiral-slams them into the ground.
Vine Grasp (Biollante)
Biollante sends one of her vines shooting up out of the ground and wraps it around the foe.
Vodka Fire (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Vodka Fire (Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Vulcan Drukken (Sieger)
A larger blast of fire.
Warp Slam (Arkane)
Arkane grabs his opponent and teleports about, slamming them each time he reappears. The move ends with a Choke attack.
What? (Tobi)
Tobi flails randomly and drops a bomb, recoiling before it explodes.
Whiplash (Cammy White)
Cammy lashes out with a whip, pulling the opponent toward her if it connects, then briefly chokes them.
Wild Circular (J. Talbain)
Grabs the opponent and somersault-rolls backwards.
Wolf Fangen (Sieger)
Sieger grabs low at the opponent's legs, then proceeds to slap their face rapidly with his gauntlet hand.
Yoga Blast (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire up at an angle.
Yoga Fire (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim spits a small flaming projectile.
Yoga Flame (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire out in front.
Yoga Inferno (Dhalsim)
A big blast of fire from the mouth.
You won't get away! (Soifon)
Soifon briefly jabs her sword into the ground. A few seconds after withdrawing it, a bald ninja (a member of the Onmitsukido) dive kicks the foe, setting them on fire.
Zenpout Tenshin (Yun)
Yun hops over his opponents shoulders, leaving them momentarily stunned.

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