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Don't hang around here or I'll have to punish you!
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Doronjo's Supreme Evil Plan
As usual, Doronjo's "supreme" evil plan involves something backfiring horribly. She kneels on the ground and raises her arms in distress, ready to receive her "punishment" for failing (as happens often in the Yatterman anime). A palm tree with a pig will pop up and then explode in front of her. If it hits the opponent, Doronjo will pedal away with her minions on their trademark tandem bike while the opponent is juggled on explosions behind them. Finally the explosions catch up to the villainous trio and they are blown away with their clothes ripped and a skull-shaped mushroom cloud forming in the background. If it misses, Doronjo is blown into a knockdown.
Doronjo's Supreme Evil Plan
Super Moves
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Doronjo's Super Meter must be at Level 3 or higher to use this attack.

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