Q-Bee Movelist

Q-Bee's air dash homes in on the opponent, wherever they may be (forward dash only).

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Command Moves
Vampire Savior (in air)
Vampire Savior 2 (in air)
Similar Moves
Air Dash (Blackheart)

Air Dash (Hsien-Ko)
Hsien-Ko runs on thin air.
Air Dash (Huitzil)

Air Dash (Jedah)
Jedah glides forward, angled slightly down (he has no backwards airdash). The dash itself has an attack hitbox.
Air Dash (Killer Frost)
Killer Frost is capable of gliding through the sky.
Air Dash (Martian Manhunter)
Manhunter can dash whilst airborne.
Air Dash (Superman)
Superman is capable of gliding through the sky.
Air Dash (Wonder Woman)
Wonder Woman can dash through the air.
Air Dash / Anti-Air (Cyrax)
Cyrax dashes through the air diagonally upward.
Kuuchuu Dash / Air Dash (War Machine)
War Machine uses his thrusters to propel through the air in any direction.

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