Reptile Movelist

Reptile pulls off his mask, revealing his true reptilian features. He then opens his mouth and spews out a massive amount of acid, which melts the skin off of the opponent.

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Fatal Moves
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (close)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (close)
Mortal Kombat Advance kick(close)
Similar Moves
Aura Soul Spark (Rose)
A more powerful Soul Spark, proceeded by a reflect (can even reflect super projectiles) when more super meter is involved.
Dragon Daybreak / 神龍破日 (Lee)
A giant dragon projectile.
El Niño (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo spins around and creates a gigantic whirlwind that travels half-screen and covers the screen vertically in its entirety. Dizzies upon impact.
Fire Force (Allen Snyder)
A large multihit version of the Soul Force.
Gekirin / 撃麟 (Shuko)
Super version of Genbu.
Getsuga Tensho (Hollow Ichigo)
Large energy wave from the sword.
Getsuga Tensho (Ichigo Kurosaki)
Large energy wave from the sword.
Goketsu Ryu Ikaku Kao (Otane Goketsuji)
A large, high-speed projectile in the form of Otane's ghostly face.
Goketsu Ryu Ikaku Kao x3 (Otane Goketsuji)
Three big projectiles in rapid succession.
Gottsui Tiger Bazooka / ごっついタイガーバズーカ (Mizoguchi)
A larger tiger shot with significant charge time, not unblockable but will beat other projectiles and keep going.
Haoh Sho Ko Ken / 覇王翔吼拳 (Robert Garcia)
The trademark giant fireball of Kyokugenryu.
Haoh Sho Ko Ken / 覇王翔吼拳, Supreme Conqueror Crunch (Robert Garcia)
The trademark giant fireball of Kyokugenryu.
Haoh Sho Ko Ken / Conquering Crunch, 覇王翔吼拳 (Ryo Sakazaki)
A massive projectile hurled at great speed.
Hyper Psionic Blast (M.O.D.O.K.)
Super variant of Psionic Blast.
Kotenzanshun (Orihime Inoue)
A giant version of the Gale Chant.
Mario Finale (Mario)
Mario charges up and releases two massive fireballs that twist around like a helix.
Mega Cannon (Megaman)
Large, powerful Mega Buster attack.
Meido Gouhadou (Oni)
Oni charges up briefly before hurling a massively powerful Satsu no Hadou fireball. Can hit up to 8 times.
Messatsu Gou Hado (Akuma)
Akuma's extra large multihit super fireball.
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo (Akuma)
Akuma fires a massive beam ki blast from his hands.
Messatsu-Gotenha (Oni)
A Meido Gohadou shot straight up.
Messatsu-Gozanku (Oni)
Airborne, diagonal Meido Gouhadou. Strangely not only Oni's only air projectile, but the only air "fireball" Ultra in the game.
Nazi Super-Secret Kill / 納粹超秘殺 (Wacker)
A massive swastika projectile that hits several times.
Onmyo Karasu / 陰陽鴉 (Karasu)
A very large crow projectile.
Santenkesshun (Orihime Inoue)
A slow-moving Rejection Chant that is capable of trapping and multiple hits. Can be voluntarily extinguished by Orihime by performing a Rejection Chant.
Shinkuu Hadoken (Toro)
Big ol' Hadoken.
Slick's Conquering Crunch / 黒子八極弾 覇王翔吼拳 (Kuroko)
Kuroko's Eight Great Shots: Haoh Sho Ko Ken! Kuroko launches the trademark giant fireball of Kyokugen Karate.
Sonic Distortion (Ray Fillet)
Ray fires off a gigantic blast of supersonic waves, which dizzies upon impact.
Spiral Ray (Godzilla)
Large, orange Atomic Heat Ray
Super Guts Bullet / Maximum Guts Bullet (Batsu Ichimonji)
Batsu delivers a larger multi-hit version of his Guts Bullet.
Super Kamehameha / Chō Kamehameha, Ultra Kamehameha (Goku)
A more powerful version of Goku's signature attack.
Super Power Slugger (Chi-Chi)
Chi-Chi throws a larger, stronger version of the Power Slugger.
Tenma-Gozanku Ungyo (Akuma)
Akuma fires a massive beam fireball from the sky.
Thanatos' Revenge (Sisyphus)
Sisyphus spits out a gigantic ring-shaped projectile.
Triple Shuriken (Silver Samurai)
Three giant shurikens.
Ultimate Blaster (Android 17)
Android 17 performs a rapid-fire variation of his Blaster.
Ultimate Blaster (Android 18)
rapid-fire variation of the Blaster

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