Sabretooth Movelist

Sabretooth summons Birdy who fires some shots at the enemy.

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Special Moves
X-Men vs Street Fighter +
Similar Moves
"M-Maya!?' (Phoenix Wright)
Maya rushes onto the screen. @term=latk@ has her absorbing projectiles with a magical barrier, whereas @term=matk@ and @term=hatk@ have her tripping and sliding across the screen.
Aim Master (Taskmaster)
Whipping out a bow, Taskmaster fires an arrow. Charging the attack button can yield in up to three arrows at once.
Almond Shot / Under Almond Shot (low) (J. Maximum)
Overhand energy football toss with @term=abtn@, low football kick with @term=bbtn@.
Bang-Style Shuriken / Shuriken Special (Bang Shishigami)
Bang chucks one (or 3) of his nails at the opponent.
Blitz Ball (Krauser)
Krauser throws a fireball high with @term=anypunch@ or low with @term=anykick@.
Buer Reaper (Painwheel)
Painwheel uses grabs an opponent with her blades and rams in with her shoulders.
Carbonadium Coil (Omega Red)
Omega Red tosses one of his Carbonadium tentacles out toward the opponent, ensnaring the foe and pulling them toward him. Can be canceled prior to hitting the foe with Carbonadium Cancel, and follow up after hitting the foe with Vitality Sap or Power Sap.
Cerebeast (Kamen Rider Strike (Cerebeast))
Strike summons Cerebeast, and it breathes fumes that stun and damage the foe.
C'mon, Bonnie! (Ganju Shiba)
Ganju whistles and summons his pet boar (Bonnie), who dashes across the screen. Bonnie is capable of damaging Ganju as well as the foe.
Commando Strike: Ginzu (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Ginzu (Sho) the Ninja Commando, who drops out of the air with a sword slash.
Commando Strike: Hoover (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Baby Head (Hoover) the Baby Commando, who launches a missile from his armored suit.
Commando Strike: Mack (Captain Commando)
Cap summons Mack the Knife (Jennety) the Mummy Commando. He spins across the sky in a downwards arc.
Dark Thunder (Blackheart)
Blackheart emits lightning in a button chosen direction.
Dead Soul Jutsu (Kabuto Yakushi)
Kabuto summons a zombie ANBU member, which lurches forward for a sword uppercut, then falls and disappears back into the ground.
Double Grenade (Stryker)
Stryker lobs two grenades. @term=highpunch@ tosses high, @term=lowpunch@ tosses low.
Dragon Fire (Liu Kang)
Liu Kang tosses a fireball that has a dragon head-shaped end. @term=highpunch@ tosses a high Dragon Fire, whereas @term=lowpunch@ tosses a lower one. High Dragon Fire can be done in the air.
Drill Kick (Dhalsim)
Dhalsim descends from the air feet-first at a 45 degree angle; although from ST onwards angle is selectable by kick strength.
Ecto Punch (Ickybod Clay)
Ickybod performs a "Shoryuken"-like uppercut
Elastic Slam (Super Skrull)
Reaches out (close, far, anti air) and slams the opponent repeatedly.
Evildiver (Kamen Rider Sting)
Sting summons Evildiver to fly around the arena and occasionally crash into the foe.
Evildiver (Kamen Rider Strike (Evildiver))
Strike summons Evildiver to fly around the arena and occasionally crash into the foe.
Excalibur (Strider Hiryu)
Strider slices while traveling at an angle determined by attack strength, up/down determined by punch/kick.
Fiber Upper (Ms. Fortune)
Ms. Fortune performs a handstand kick, stretch out her limbs in the the process.
Fire Breath (Karnov)
A burst of fire breath that absorbs projectiles. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.
Flying Sword A (Spiral)
All swords revolving around Spiral are launched in a circle pattern toward the opponent.
Formation A (Strider Hiryu)
Strider summons a mecha-panther. In MVC2, @term=1kick@ summons the panther while @term=3kick@ summons his bird.
Formation C (Strider Hiryu)
A mecha-bird drops a bomb close, midrange, or far, depending on kick strength.
Gae Bolga Stinger (Painwheel)
Painwheel fires a volley of barbs from her arms.
Get 'em Missile! (Phoenix Wright)
Missile the dog runs onscreen and rushes the foe.
Gotcha! (Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanji sends Take-Mikazuchi leaping in the air to catch an airborne opponent. If caught, Take-Mikazuchi will electrocute the opponent, and crush him/her with a body press.
Gouen Dan / 豪炎弾 (Gozu)
A three-shot burst of burning pellets from Gozu's wrist cannon. @term=abtn@ shoots straight, @term=bbtn@ shoots up at an angle, and @term=cbtn@ shoots almost straight up.
Gram (Strider Hiryu)
A long range cipher slash. Punches slice high, kicks slice low. Punch version can be done in the air.
Grenade / Grenade Toss (Stryker)
Stryker tosses a grenade at the opponent. @term=highpunch@ tosses one in a high arc, whereas @term=lowpunch@ tosses one with a lower arc.
Ground Lift (Hulk)
Hulk rips up a chunk of the ground and holds it above his head. While holding the chunk he can't block but can move left and right slowly. Any attack will throw it, kick buttons vary the angle with strength.
Hammer Throw (Frank West)
A zombie attempts to attack Frank, and he Irish Whips the corpse at the opponent. @term=hatk@ version causes the zombie to latch onto the foe.
Hayagake (Guy)
Guy runs forward and either stops, slides, or overhead jump kicks depending on which kick is pressed first.
Hellfire (Ghost Rider)
A short ranged burst of flame from the mouth in a direction chosen by button used.
Iai Giri (Oboro Bishamon)
A long range slash with sword. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.
Inferno Divider (Ragna the Bloodedge)
Ragna leaps in the air, performing an uppercut-like swing with his sword. D version launches him higher and drains life on hit or block.
Kitty Litter Special! (Taokaka)
Taokaka throws random junk at her opponents. The button determines the trajectory and kind of things she will throw at her opponent. A version moves in an arc; she will throw either an apple core, pillow (can hit twice), or a bomb (knocks down and hits twice). B version flies in a straight across the screen; projectiles include fish bone, baseball, or a puppet. On rare occasions, she may throw a Kaka kitten with A or B version. With the C version, Taokaka throws a bowling ball in a short arc and rolls slowly across the ground.
Legion Arrow (Taskmaster)
Taskmaster fires many arrows at his foe.
Metalgelas (Kamen Rider Strike (Metalgelas))
Strike summons Metalgelas to fight alongside him for a brief period.
Metallic Sphere (Urien)
Urien launches a large sized projectile at an angle determined by button press.
Mighty Strike (She-Hulk)
Performs grabs at varying ranges (close, anti air, dashing) that stun the opponent when they connect.
Minakagami (Jushiro Ukitake)
Jushiro conjures an orb and sends it at a height determined by button press. If this orb is struck by Minadarashi or Minadaira, the beam is reflected in the opponent's direction. Up to eight Minakagami can be placed onscreen at any time.
Mystic Ray (Shuma-Gorath)
An eyebeam that sweeps from low to high.
Napalm Toss (Parasoul)
Krieg's tears are fired in an arc. Distance that the tear is set is determined by strength of button and how long it's held. Up to 3 tears can be set at once.
Ninja Hound Summoning (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi summons his Ninja Hound, which attacks the opponent with a launching upward strike, followed by a leaping upward strike from the other side.
Omega Beam (Darkseid)
Eyebeam attack
Omega Strike (Omega Red)
Omega Red plants his tentacles into the ground, like his Vault Kick, but then stretches the tentacles out, making the kick more long-ranged.
Optic Blast / Beam Bolt (Cyclops)
Cyclops fires a beam of energy from his eyes.
Paralyze Missile (MechaGodzilla II)
A low-damaging missile that makes the foe's Stun Meter increase more significantly than most other moves.
Paralyze Missile (Super MechaGodzilla)
A low-damaging missile that makes the foe's Stun Meter increase more significantly than most other moves.
Phantom Wraith (Zod)
Zod calls forth a detainee of the Phantom Zone to float behind the opponent for a brief time. It can attack the foe at his command.
Power Tackle (Colossus)
Colossus rushes toward his opponent and rams them with his shoulder.
Psi-Blade Spin (Psylocke)
Psylocke leaps with a spinning pirouette kick, surrounded by psychic energy.
Psi-Blast (Psylocke)
Psylocke conjures a butterfly-shaped wave of psychic energy to heave at the foe.
Razor-Rang / Boomerang (Jade)
Jade flings a bladed projectile at the foe. In UMK3/Trilogy, @term=highpunch@ throws one that has an upward curve in its trajectory, whereas @term=lowpunch@ throws one straight.
Rocket Punch (Sentinel)
Sentinel fires a tethered fist off to hit the foe with.
Ruffian Kick (Cody Travers)
Advancing kick, low medium or high depending on kick strength.
Schwarze Flamme / Black Flame (Kain R. Heinlein)
Hop-back projectile.
Sentinel Force (Sentinel)
Sentinel summons three miniature Sentinels that fly across the screen to attack. Traditionally, the Light version is vertically controllable, whereas the Hard version has mini-Sentinels that drop bombs, and can be delayed by holding the button.
Serpent Slash / Snake Arm, Snake Tamer, 蛇使い (Yamazaki)
Dangles arm while button is held, then slashes out in a given direction. In some games, holding for an extended period of time causes Yama to slash three times rapidly.
Shield Slash (Captain America)
Cap chucks his shield at the enemy at a given angle. It rebounds back in his direction, but can be "lost".
Shield Slash (U.S. Agent)
U.S. Agent chucks his shield at the enemy at a given angle. It rebounds back in his direction, but can be "lost".
Shoulder Cannon (War Machine)
A cannon appears on War Machine's shoulder and fires off a laser. Hyper Armor WM fires a missile instead, as does WM in MvC2. If @term=anykick@ is used, he will crouch before firing.
Shunpu Kyaku (Sunburned Sakura)
Sakura leaps in an arc with a turning kick. Arc height is determined by button strength.
Smile & Missile (B.B. Hood)
An exploding missile fired from her basket. @term=anypunch@ fires high, @term=anykick@ fires low.
Spiral Bite (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi summons one of his Ninja Hounds that has a double bladed sword in its mouth, and it charges the opponent with a spiral tackle.
Spitfire (Rocket Raccoon)
Rocket fires a blast from his plasma cannon.
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! (Phoenix Wright)
Maya drops down from the sky and plops down on Phoenix's chest, then rushes the enemy with her arms flailing.
Sword Toss (Spiral)
While performing her normal punches, Spiral also flings one of her swords forward.
Tenderizer (Super Skrull)
Rapid stone fists stretched out in a chosen direction.
Tetsu No Tsume / 鉄の爪, Iron Talon Slice (Lee Pai Long)
Lee rotates rapidly with claws outstretched.
Tiger Shot / Grand Tiger Shot (low version) (Sagat)
The original high/low projectile. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.
Trigger Happy (Deadpool)
Deadpool fires rapidly.
Updo (Filia)
Samson launches Filia upward and drives back down.
Vertical Roll / Vertical Rolling (Blanka)
Blanka rolls up into the air at an angle.
Web Throw (Spider-Man (Super Armor))
Spidey flings webbing at the foe and latches it onto them, swinging them around before launching them to the other side of the screen. Waggling the joystick can extend the length of the swinging.
Web Throw (Spider-Man)
Spidey flings webbing at the foe and latches it onto them, swinging them around before launching them to the other side of the screen. Waggling the joystick can extend the length of the swinging.
Zombie Attack (Frank West)
A zombie appears on the battlefield. The zombie slowly shuffles across the arena and can grab onto and attack either player. @term=latk@ summons the zombie behind Frank, @term=matk@ summons it behind the opponent, and @term=hatk@ summons it from above.
Zombie Spree (Frank West)
A zombie in a shopping cart rolls onscreen from behind Frank, attempting to crash into the foe.

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