Rasetsu Galford (Samurai Shodown 6) says...
AAAAH. A real fighter, not some phony!!!
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Ryu's Hadoken / Fireball, 波動拳, Hadouken
A small burst of energy thrust from the hands.
Ryu's Hadoken / Fireball, 波動拳, Hadouken
Special Moves
Street Fighter + [Preview]
Street Fighter 2 +
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition +
Street Fighter 2 Turbo +
Super Street Fighter 2 + [Preview]
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo + [Preview]
X-Men vs Street Fighter +(air)
[Ryu Ken Akuma] Marvel vs Capcom +(air) [Preview]
Capcom Fighting Evolution +(air)
Street Fighter 4 +
Becomes a two hit Shakunetsu Hadoken when EX'd.
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom +
Marvel vs Capcom 3 +(air)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 +(air)
Street Fighter X Tekken +
Becomes Shinku Hadoken at full charge.

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