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I hate April Fools Day
So how about some real news? Fighters select is back, and you can submit a new fighter there.
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Masta Killa
Born August 18, 1969
Knuckle Heads (WiiWare/Virtual Console)
Released 8/18/2009

Recent Updates
The Bear (Best of the Best) is pompadour
Sports the tightly coiffed hairstyle known as the pompadour.
The Bear (Best of the Best) is barechested
Most likely restricted to men, fights without a shirt of any kind...
The Bear (Best of the Best) is blue_outfit
Best known for wearing a primarily blue costume.
The Bear (Best of the Best)
First Kumate [sic] opponent
Stripe (MultiVersus) is mohawk
Hair worn in a mohawk style.
Stripe (MultiVersus) is ugly
Lack of physical beauty is a part of their plot or personality.
Stripe (MultiVersus)
Season 1 character
Black Adam (MultiVersus)
Season 1 character

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