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Art of Fighting Series

a.k.a. Ryuuko no Ken (JPN)
Sakura Kasugano (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
Come on! Show me how tough you really are!
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King of Fighters I Saga
South Town Street Fight
Takuma Sakazaki
Storyline of Takuma Sakazaki
(present whereabouts unknown)
He was a Kyokugenryu karate teacher and the strongest fighter of his time. The death of his wife however, caused him to change dramatically. He disappeared, leaving behind two children, and now no-one knows where he is or what he is doing...

Takuma Sakazaki is Ronnet's husband
Takuma's wife, Ronnet, was killed in a car accident. It is suspected that her death may have been the work of those whore bore a grudge against Takuma. Her death set the events of Art of Fighting in motion.

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