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Art of Fighting Series

a.k.a. Ryuuko no Ken (JPN)
M. Bison (Ultra Street Fighter 2) says...
You are strong enough to serve me, but you don't know how to kneel. Die!
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King of Fighters I Saga
South Town Street Fight
South Town Street Fight
Ryo Sakazaki, to find his kidnapped sister--- goes into the dangerous South Town.

Robert Garcia, a friend and rival of Ryo, goes to South Town with him.

Who is waiting for them in South Town ?

Takuma Sakazaki is Ronnet's husband
Takuma's wife, Ronnet, was killed in a car accident. It is suspected that her death may have been the work of those whore bore a grudge against Takuma. Her death set the events of Art of Fighting in motion.

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