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Storyline of Dampierre
(During 1607 A.D.)
Everyone in Italy's financial world had head of Lord Geo Dampierre and his firm, the Dampierre Company. "The Magnificient," as he called himself, enjoyed success in a variety of ventures centered around the city of Venice, all due to his shrewd business dealings and silver tongue - or so people believed.

In truth, Dampierre was a con man and a scoundrel who would lie, cheat, and steal as it suited him. Trading slaves, looting troubled countries of their national treasures - nothing was beneath him.

One morning, his loyal lieutenant Gisele had news: Graf Dumas, ruler of the Kingdom of Hungary, was preparing for war. Dampierre was excited; he was conflict as an opportunity, and investment - a few early favors could easily net a fortune once the dust settled. He would arrange to meet the king, bearing gifts of his finest cannons and a regiment of elephant cavalry.

And so it was that Dampierre set off for Hungary, his mind, as ever, on the riches to come...

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