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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur V

Storyline of Xiba
(During 1607 A.D.)
Four travelers plodded through the vast desert wastes of the northeast Mughal Empire:

The wild boy Xiba, on a quest to inherit the Kali-Yuga, one of the three sacred treasures; Maxi, sent to accompany Xiba by an old man named Edge Master; Leixia, guided by a pendant with a curious blue stone, and Natsu, Leixia's friend and bodyguard. The four had become companions on their journey to the west.

"Maxi! I'm hungry!"

Xiba leaned heavily into his rod, his stomach rumbling loudly.

"We just ate!" shouted Leixia, but Maxi gave her a calm smile and ruffled the young woman's hair.

"I hear they have great steam buns in the next town, Xiba," he said.

As Leixia blushed, Xiba leapt up, suddenly reinvigorated and raring to go. Natsu could only shake her head and sigh.

What destiny would await this misfit crew at the end of their grueling journey?

It didn't matter to Xiba - not now, anyway. All he cared about was getting ot the next town and those steam buns...

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