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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur V

Storyline of Tira
(During 1607 A.D.)
A former assassin infatuated with the destructive power of Soul Edge, Tira was devastated when the evil sword was defeated 17 years earlier.

The two personalities within her lamented as one, and howled together in a chorus of rage. But Tira found some solace in her plans for a certain young girl, and in the ever-growing strength of the shattered sword's fragments. Revitalized by her hopes to revive Soul Edge, Tira dedicated herself to a hunt for the sword's scattered pieces.

But after waiting so many years, the reborn Azure Knight was not all what Tira had hoped for. He curried favor with human nations, scheming in secret and gathering souls from the shadows. Tira could barely stand to look upon this cowardly Nightmare.

"He's an imposter! I will never accept him!"

"In that case..." began the dark half of her personality, "...I shall prepare an appropriate vessel for Soul Edge myself!" finished her brighter half. Tira certainly had all the ingredients; she'd been carefully preparing them for 17 years. It was the perfect plan.

And so Tira disappeared into the night once more, on her way to visit that "certain young girl," Pyrrha...

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