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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur V

Storyline of Nightmare
(During 1607 A.D.)
Defeated in battle by Soul Calibur, Soul Edge shattered, its fragments passing through a dimensional rift that scattered them all over the world.

But the cursed sword's minions tracked down the shards, and reassembled as much of the sword as they could. Eventually, it regained consciousness; using a spare body it had hidden beneath Ostrheinsburg, Soul Edge was reborn.

Soul Edge's new host assumed the name "Dumas," and worked its way into the inner circle of Emperor Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire. Undefeated in battle and brimming with knowledge from all corners of the world, Dumas quickly won the Emperor's favor, and was granted dominion over the Kingdom of Hungary.

Hungary was on the front lines of war with the Ottoman Empire, and in a perfect position to advance Soul Edge's goals. Exploiting nationalistic tendencies and religious differences to fan the flames of hatred and suspicion, Dumas initiated a widespread hunt and massacre of the malfested.

Of course, the purge was merely a cover for Dumas' true intent: collecting the remaining fragments of Soul Edge and harvesting countless human souls. And so, under banners of unity and purity, Soul Edge's new "nightmare" began to sweep through Europe...

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