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Street Fighter Series

"The New Generation"
Iron Man (Marvel Super Heroes) says...
Does the word "obsolete" mean anything to you?
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Street Fighter Saga
Street Fighter 3 Endings
Storyline of Ibuki
Gill: It seems I've lost. As a man of my word, I'll keep my promise to you. Here is the G file! The project has already begun and there is nothing you can do to stop it! It is my masterpiece! You've gained nothing by obtaining the G file! It's a document of utter perfection. You should use it as a reference paper! Ha ha ha ha!
Ibuki: I sense a presence! Someone is coming...
Sarai: Ya! Kyaaahh!
Ibuki: What the hell? You shattered my bag and put holes in my text books!
Sarai: Are you crazy Ibuki!?
Ibuki: I'm soo sorry Sarai!

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