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WWF Wrestlemania
a.k.a. WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (ports)
Magneto (X-Men vs Street Fighter) says...
There was no need to fight, now look at you.
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WWF Wrestlemania Endings

Bret Hart
Storyline of Bret Hart
Through the excellence of execution, Bret finished off the last of the bunch. His victory made newspaper and magazine headlines throughout the world and Bret's popularity grew to outrageous proportions. While defending his title for five years straight, he became a star of stage and screen as well as the ring, appearing in several weekly television dramas and Broadway productions. Unbeatable, he retired as champion to pursue a big-screen career in Italy, where he became the greatest spaghetti-western star in film history, winning six Academy Awards over his lifetime, and grossing over 300 million dollars on each of his films.

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