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WWF Wrestlemania
a.k.a. WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (ports)
Dormammu (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
Your torment begins.
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WWF Wrestlemania Endings

Razor Ramon
Storyline of Razor Ramon
Razor took the World Wrestling Federation gold back to Cuba with him. He showed the good people there what America has to offer to anyone who is willing to work hard to make their American dream come true. Razor became an inspiration to all as he toured the world as a motivational speaker, talking about his American dream-come-true, and showing them "the gold." One night after a seminar, while walking back to his car, Razor got jumped by four thugs who beat him to an inch of his life and ran off with "the gold..." All of it, including the stuff around his neck and his now-broken fingers. After that incident, Razor's spirit was shattered and he fell into a state of deep depression. He wallowed in musty sea-side taverns and slept on benches in train stations, until one day he disappeared. He wasn't seen for three years. Recent reports indicate that "the Bad Guy" is alive and well and running a small pawn shop in Chile.

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