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WWF Wrestlemania
a.k.a. WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (ports)
Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters '99, The) says...
Everyone got so strong! I gotta train harder!
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WWF Wrestlemania Endings

Lex Luger
Storyline of Lex Luger
A star-spangled celebration for the ultimate American symbol. Lex Luger's victory was renowned throughout the country and was recognized as one of the greatest triumphs of the 20th century. A new national holiday was named, and people everywhere from coast to coast threw open their windows and chanted his name. This was more than just a victory for Lex, it was a victory for the good ol' U.S. of A... Americans could once again hold their heads high and stand proud. Lex represents all the people in this great land. When he toured the United States in his "Lex Express," he brought back a piece of every person in every town he visited. Lex views himself as the product of all Americans who, in his mind, made him what he is: America's "All-American."

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