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Tournament of Legends
a.k.a. Gladiator A.D. (preliminary name)
High Voltage
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And With That, the Thread is Concluded
Fight a Legend, Become a Legend

Akki & Goryo
Storyline of Akki & Goryo
And so it came to pass that the oni triumphed on the battlefield. Akki did indeed crush Thanatos. As the ram who struck the killing blow, Akki was transfused with the power of Thanatos, and in keeping with his fate, Master Goryo did command that his slave turn over that power, but was Akki still his slave?

In the moment of receiving the power of Thanatos, Akki realized that he now possessed power greater than that of Master Goryo; two creatures, one fate. Always, one is the master, the other the slave, but let those who play these roles be watchful, for with but a tiny tug of the thread, their roles may be reversed.

Akki & Goryo
Storyline of Akki & Goryo
Akki and Goryo, slave and master. Terrified of Goryo, Akki desperately works to complete his orders. He must claim Thanatos' power to free his master from the netherworld. Together, they will accomplish this dark goal or Akki will die trying.

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