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Tournament of Legends
a.k.a. Gladiator A.D. (preliminary name)
High Voltage
Cthylla (Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe) says...
Hm, you are a good toy! How about another 100 rounds?
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And With That, the Thread is Concluded
Fight a Legend, Become a Legend

Storyline of Kara
And so it came to pass that the valkyrie completed her quest. Kara did indeed slaughter Thanatos, and in keeping with her fate, Kara eagerly awaited the next foe to fight, but she had bested all the heroes and legends of the land.

There were no more foes to fight... or were there? Kara was a creature of simple needs. To always find a greater challenge than any she had faced before, she cared not for the offers of death and the duties that came with it. She left Earth behind and sought new foes to face.

What would become of mankind without death minding a storm? That, my friend, only time will tell.

Storyline of Kara
Kara, she who was born of battle. Formerly tasked with gathering the souls of fallen warriors, she developed a taste for battle. Now Kara scours the land to test herself against the strongest this world has to offer.

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