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Battle in Metro-China

Storyline of Exile
Exile is the embodiment of brute force. he is massively powerful and unblinkingly vicious. Without conscience and unquestioningly loyal, he is Wulong Goth's primary enforcer. Sent by his master to Metro-China years ago, Exile was responsible for the brutal execution of Jiao Feng's parents.
Storyline of Exile
Exile is the epitome of brute force. Massively powerful and unblinkingly vicious, he's a born killer without mercy or conscience. The very sight of Exile brings fear to those who know of him, as he is famous as Wulong Goth's enforcer, and infamous for killing without warning. He is not highly intelligent, though it's hard to know for sure because he utters very few words. Speaking is either too difficult for him or a waste of time. Exile would rather reply with his fists.

Whatever his mental level, it doesn't interfere with Exile carrying out any order Wulong Goth gives him, without hesitation, and without fail. To Goth, Exile is an invaluable tool, a raw, elemental juggernaut who crushes his victims quickly and completely.

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