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Ryo Sakazaki (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
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Storyline of Smoke
(During 1995)
Before his transformation into a cybernetic assassin, Smoke was one of the Lin Kuei's finest ninja. It was during this time that he came to know his greatest ally - Sub-Zero. When the Lin Kuei decide to automate their warriors, the two attmept to escape. While Sub-Zero successfully eluded capture, Smoke did not. He would become a robotic nightmare, his soul trapped inside a living machine. In his human form, Smoke was a fierce warrior, in his mechanical body he is even more lethal. But, his true form is that of a human, one he'll know again only in dreams.
Storyline of Smoke
(During 1995)
In his human form, Smoke was a lethal assassin working for the Lin Kuei. But when they decide to automate their ninjas, Smoke is caught in the middle. He becomes a cyborg assassin. From that day forward his human form would exist as only a memory.

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