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Mortal Kombat Series

Athena Asamiya (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
Thank you, everyone! I will make you all proud!
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Mortal Kombat Saga
MK Trilogy Endings
The Wrath of Kahn

Storyline of Raiden
(During 1995)
When Outworld and Earth merge, Rayden finds himself battling Shao Kahn without the assistance of the Elder Gods. The Thunder God must transform into a mortal in order to exist in the combined realms. When he does this, he puts his own immortality at risk. But Rayden has always found ways of foiling Kahn's plots. He guides the chosen Earth warriors into battle against the Outworld emperor's armies, then finally faces Kahn himself. The powerful beings fight until the very core of the Earth is shaken and Rayden emerges victorious.
Storyline of Raiden
(During 1995)
As Earth's sworn protector, Raiden finds himself banished in the merger between Earth and Outworld. The Thunder God transforms himself into a mortal warrior in order to exist once again on Earth and fight on the side of his human comrades - this time risking his place in the pantheon of gods, and giving up his own immortality.

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