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Mortal Kombat Series

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Let us pump iron together and prepare for our next great battle!
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Mortal Kombat Saga
MK Trilogy Endings
The Wrath of Kahn

Storyline of Kitana
(During 1995)
Kitana evades the evil clutches of Shao Kahn and escapes into the unknown regions of Earth. She survives an assassination attempt by the vile creature Reptile and allies herself with her onetime comrade - Jade. Together with the help of Earth's warriors Kitana reaches Sindel and turns the queen against her emperor. With Shao Kahn defeated the Earth is changed back to its original state, as is Kitana's realm of Edenia. She will forever be in debt to her friends from Earth as she rules the new realm of Edenia at Queen Sindel's side.
Storyline of Kitana
(During 1995)
Kitana is accused of treason by the high courts of the Outworld after murdering her evil twin Mileena. Shao Kahn appoints a group of warriors specifically to catch his daughter and bring her back alive. But Kitana must find a way to reach the newly crowned queen Sindel first and warn her of their true past.

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